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Providing Support & Maintenance to the Forecourt Industry including a 24 hour Service Desk and On site Support
Providing Support & Maintenance to the Forecourt Industry including a 24 hour Service Desk and On site Support


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Fuel Fleet solution that cuts the dealer out of Credit management!

Stowe has just completed a pilot with Paradigm Group, on a Fleet Management Fuel Solution called “Payment24”.
The basic principle is that together with the NetPOS solution (acting as a forecourt POS controller), the Payment24 system will handle all transaction-upliftment, online authorisation and fleet management reporting. This will reduce the burden on the client and system user for credit management.
The payment process is simple - with an attendant tapping the vehicle window where RFID is located on a vehicle, the fuel pump is then programmed and the driver enters his unique PIN. The pump will then be tagged by the attendant to be put on “Ready” status, while the terminal requests pre-authorisation from the platform.
Dynamic customer validation is performed online, taking the Client out of the credit management process. Funds are reserved against the account and the limit is sent to the terminal. Pumps are authorised through the NetPOS controller and fuel is dispensed. When this is complete, the actual transaction and details are sent to the terminal which completes the transaction and records the details. The Fleet Management Portal is then updated with transaction detail.
For Stowe, the solution is simple. This system is simply added to the current support contract and our team of Service Desk and Field Agents keep our clients business moving forward. Technological advances are part of the business and keeping our clients ahead of the curve is a key factor.  Our strategic goal remains to act as the support vendor to such holistic solutions. 
The importance of such systems is vital in combating on-site fraud through aspects such as inflated card transactions, cloned fuel and other card-types, multiple pump transactions and multiple vehicles being filled on one transaction.
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Software Integration adds value
Stowe often speaks of the offer of integration services for our clients’ software. But what does this mean – how does it add value? Stowe’s belief in agnostic product support means that any software our clients chooses to operate on can be integrated to add flexibility and efficiency to their business. The clients gets the forecourt equipment, software, reporting and operating tools they need, and Stowe supports a happy client.

For more information on our Integration services, please feel free to visit our website on

Payment solutions
We have recently completed integration for one of our clients for a payment solution for their depot site. This allows the client to control access to the system, whilst still allowing their own clients the flexibility of having an account and being able to track usage per driver/vehicle. There are a number of payment solutions on the market and Stowe supports many of these solutions, both with installation and support.

Forecourt Controller
Not all clients have fuel dispensing as their main business focus. As such, one of our existing clients had an independent software package for their shop and required integration to a forecourt system for the fuel element of their business. This was done successfully and the client is currently upgrading many of their businesses to include a forecourt operating system.

Tank Gauging
Manual dips are unreliable and leave the owner open to fraud and theft. By integrating their forecourt system to an Automated Tank Gauging system, the owner can rely on the information being sent through electronically, and simply use manual checks as a control measure.

Back Office
Many of our corporate clients require Head Office reporting on their systems, and Stowe is able to assist with this as well. Whilst some products are currently already integrated, we do also understand the unique requirements of our customers and are willing to work with them to create the best bundled solution for their business.

Many of the current forecourt systems are integrated to attendant tagging, but some dealers require tagging to be compliant with local account management. This integration is complete on some back office systems such as NetACC, which offers local account card or tagging options.

Support and Training
Whilst Stowe is happy to provide the integration to such systems, the additional value to the client is that we are also able to assist with the maintenance and support of these integrated systems and hardware, with the best understanding of how it works and interacts. Training is also at hand with Stowe able to provide assistance in a classroom or on site.
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Simplifying Business with Stowe
Stowe Holdings undertakes Forecourt System Support for many corporate clients across South Africa as well as in many other Southern African countries and now also for our single dealer sites. But this is not all Stowe can offer its dealers!

Single point of Contact for Consumables
Being a single point of contact for support, consumables and training is possible. Stowe provides quotes on cash drawers, printer cartridges, tally rolls, attendant tags and readers, shelf labels and much more. Making managing your site and running your business so much easier with a central contact for all these industry requirements.
If you are interested in the Avansa range of money counters we can now also assist with this. This will make your cash up simpler and faster. We can dispatch the item within 24 hours of receiving your order. As an official distributor you can benefit from any special being held on their equipment. For more information on this range contact our sales team for the product brochures at 

Training on all Products
Has your site recently undergone a change in staff or are you taking on extra staff for the peak holiday seasons? Stowe can provide training on site for forecourt systems, shop as well as back office. This includes NetPOS, NetACC, Winbranch, PEC, Namos and Retalix User training. We also undertake classroom format training, which is usually done prior to a site being installed with a new product.

Single Dealer Support
If you are a single dealer or have a small network of sites, let us make your support easier with a maintenance contract providing you with more certainty when your site is busy or when you are not around. For more information on the Stowe Offer please visit our website on

If you are interested in any of the options above please email us on for a quotation today!
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Stowe Holdings is a fully South African company providing support to Point of Sale and Back office systems. We also provide Asset Management, Procurement, Systems Integration services. Contact us today to discuss your needs.
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Asset Management at a Different Level

Stowe Holdings has created a new way of thinking about assets in business. Our business is all about ensuring our clients’ down-time is minimized and that any disruptions to business are resolved as quickly as possible. This means having stock available wherever our technicians may be working.

Each Stowe vehicle carries basic boot stock for the client, but with so many moving stock items it could be problematic to manage the stock. Not with the Stowe strategy of each vehicle being a warehouse of its own. With our online stock management system, AssetWISE capturing all the data relevant to that mobile warehouse is simplified. As a stock item is replaced on site and a new item leaves the ‘warehouse’, the information is tracked on an electronic job card, allowing the procurement team to make adjustments of stock in and out.

Visibility of stock is important to many of our clients, and by maintaining the AssetWISE system, Stowe allows the client access to information about their stock any time or place.

With elements such as Warranty management and Repair histories forming part of our Asset Management service, tracking a stock item through the usage cycle is important, wherever that stock item may be.

So from fixed warehouses in each of our regions, to the mobile warehouses moving across the roads of Southern Africa, the procurement team has its hand on the pulse.

For more information on Stowe’s Asset Management Service please visit our  webpage on
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What does Stowe’s Brand Agnostic Support mean in the Fuel Industry?
There are a number of great competitive products within the South African Fuel Retail environment. This usually means that the dealer has a wide range of choice in systems, but not always that wide a choice of service providers to support such systems.

This is where Stowe has taken the step to accredit themselves on available competitive systems within the market to ensure that our staff are able to offer the desired service levels on nearly all products in the market.

While Stowe does have its own in-house products known as NetPOS (Shop and Forecourt solution) and NetACC (Back Office solution), we do not believe that this all our clients are looking for. From Retalix Storepoint, Winbranch, Namos and PEC to the newer market entrants such as Alien Software. Stowe is able to support your site and to assist in integration to specific payment platforms or other forecourt technology such as Automated Tank Gauging etc.

We believe that offering Support and Maintenance on various Forecourt and Retail systems allows the client to choose the system that will best work in their environment, while still providing the key support to keep them up and working! 24 Hour businesses need 24 hour support, which is what we are able to provide through our 24Hr Call Centre and Field Services team. For more information on our Stowe Offer, please visit our website.

But this service is not just for large corporates who join as a network, but now also for Single Dealers, wanting the stability of back up stock and specific timelines for representatives on site. Each contract carries SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) specifying timelines for different severity calls ensuring that the site can maximise up time, and thus profits.

Not only can our team undertake support for existing systems on site, but can also assist with training of staff onsite through our Training department. Our Sales team can assist with any hardware requirements on site as well as retail consumables such as tally rolls, shelf labels and printer cartridges. We are also able to assist with attendant and debtors tags and readers. Full service from one service provider!

Can we investigate a solution to best suit your site? Call our Business Development team now +27 21 936 9700 or email for one of our consultants to call you.

Visit our website for more information on how Stowe can support your offer to your clients.
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Stowe Holdings is proud to announce that we are now an official supplier of Avansa Money Counters. We see this as an ideal opportunity to extend our offer to our current clientele with a wider range of hardware for their Point of Sale needs.

AVANSA is a 2013 Nedbank Business Accelerator finalist, specializing in cash handling equipment for the African continent. Avansa Money Counters are now within easy reach of our clients. From Coin and
Notes counters to Counterfeit detectors, we are able to assist with all Back office needs. Outside of South Africa, Avansa products are also available in Namibia and Botswana.

“We look forward to a positive relationship with Avansa, providing new business opportunities within the Retail market” says Stowe Business Development Manager Maritsa Beattie.

Avansa representative, Darian Liprini, states that “Stowe Holdings is an established player in the Forecourt Industry, and we are keen to gain broader exposure through their Southern African footprint”.

Stowe provides a number of Forecourt related hardware such as POS equipment, forecourt controllers, tag readers etc. For more information on the hardware and consumables sold by Stowe please visit our website for more information.
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Bizerba appoints Stowe as their Support Partner in South Africa
Cape Town, Republic of South Africa
Friday, 15 August 2014
Bizerba South Africa and Stowe Holdings (Pty) Ltd recently announced the formal conclusion of a Service Contract, so as to accommodate the growing, technical support needs of Bizerba’s clients in Southern Africa.
With 3100 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Germany, Bizerba has now established a new subsidiary in South Africa and aim to serve the market with its own representatives in the areas of sales and marketing, and also relies on collaborations with local support partners, such as Stowe.
This guarantees comprehensive customer support, 24-hours a day with clear service mandates applicable thereto. Along with PC scales and slicers for traders, the themes of check weighing, inspection and price labelling are Bizerba’s main focus in the area of food production and packaging.
Stowe has undertaken to technically support Bizerba’s strategic market-growth through an extensive footprint of support centres throughout Southern Africa.
Key to this venture will be Stowe’s service-centre offer of a 24-hour technical helpdesk, on-site support and maintenance, asset management and other specialised services to the Bizerba customer-base.
“For us, South Africa counts as an emerging market. We are therefore pushing ahead with our long-term globalisation plans in this region, by setting up our own subsidiary company,” says Andreas Wilhelm Kraut, managing partner and CEO of Bizerba.
Bizerba’s new branch is based in Cape Town, South Africa, although there are also plans to open a branch in Johannesburg in the medium term.
For more information on Stowe's Service Offering please visit our website on
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