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Benjamin Burt (detmer sports)
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detmer14 on sportsboards and Twitter

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This break has been too long. Need me a Jazz game!

Hmm, I like the idea of the new communities! Now we just need to get people here!

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#VoteForPedro and all of your wildest dreams will come true!

RT @utahjazz: VIDEO: Jeremy Evans' monster block and dunk #JAZZvsLAC

Jazz let a 15pt lead slip away, but I like what we're seeing from the bench

We all knew Nelson would make a lot of mistakes this year. It was nice to see him running and throwing like his old self.

It really is too bad that we were able to hang w OSU for 3 qtrs but made too many mistakes to do it in the 4th

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RT @zbloxham: Is this whole Heaps/Riley/Taysom/Lark saga a brilliantly concocted plan by Jason Munns? #SecretCombination

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For those BYU who haven't heard yet, Georgia Tech just fired their defensive coordinator

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