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Replenish my lost Collagen with Brands Innershine Ruby Collagen Essence
We are almost hitting the half year mark! Do you know what that means? My birthday is coming right up. What better way to keep myself youthful by increasing my collagen intake? I am thankful for this box of Brands Innershine Ruby Collagen Essence that came ...

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T.Grand from Taiwan Launches new refreshing juice drinks with Chia Seed
Have you heard of the brand T.Grand? You might be familiar with their milk tea beverages as they can be found in convenient stores, hypermarkets and supermarkets as well as schools all over Taiwan. Sipping a bottle of their signature Assam Black Tea while o...

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S+ Cryoboost Premium Balance Facial Treatment at Fresver Beauty
I had been waiting for awhile to have my facial done. All those stress and work that had been plaguing me recently had cause the damage on my already "falling apart" face. The dark eye circles, pigmentation and even random pimples had been popping out on my...

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Taking a hair leap forward with Apgujeong hair studio
Once in awhile I like to try something different to my hairstyle. I've gone Bob, re-bonding, straightening, curling and perming them too. If you want to look really different, you can even go to the extend of changing your hair colour. Unfortunately, I am n...

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Healthy Living begins at Nature Glory
The idea of eating clean is certainly not new but how easy is it to detox our body? I will be sharing with you an easy to make, refreshing and detoxifying drink which will not only boost your energy levels but bring you a wealth of other benefits. You are f...

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Dining at the.twenty.canvan with the Entertainer App
About 5 minutes walk away from Lavender MRT Station, you can find your way to The.twenty.cavan, which is a modern cuisine restaurant, owned by Andrew and Alex whom are both professional chefs. Their food are infused with strong Chinese influences and offers...

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Breathya – Breathe better with Halotherapy
The urban people are plagued with so many health issues. Every other family that I know of has an adult or child which is suffering from the following: Allergies Bronchial Infection Asthma Bronchitis Eczema Psoriasis Chronic ENT illness Cold/Flu Dermatitis ...

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You are the right one for me - Bioderma Sensibo
*** Do you find yourself constantly struggling to find the right products
for your sensitive skin? Trying out every product in the market that is
labelled "suitable for sensitive skin", or checking the labels and
ensuring that the product is alcohol fr...

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Reflection Organics Make-up Review
What are my thoughts after trying out the organic make-up which I had
received from Reflections? Let us first take a look at the products. ♥︎ Mineral Eye Shadow in Pink Garnet There are a total of 16 natural, blendable shades available. These mineral eye s...

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everyone, I have been seeing so many foodies trying out the recent
steaming concept of having their food. By steaming our food, we do not
need cooking oil and heavy seasonings. Unlike barbecue food, we also
omit the risk of getting cancer due to eat...
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