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Sue Hyams commented on a post on Blogger.
What a great piece. Inspirational stuff. Thank you, Sara!

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So long and thanks for all the fish...
OK, so it's not goodbye exactly. Or at all, really. I'm having a change of direction. I have a lovely big pile of paper on my shelf that is my completed draft of the middle grade novel. But that's where it'll stay. Yes, I know I've been working on it for ag...

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Sue Hyams commented on a post on Blogger.
Maps are excellent. I look forward to seeing the progression of your scraps of paper map. 

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My 500 Word Challenge
So I did an experiment, an exercise in
avoiding procrastination. I decided that for ten days I'd write 500 words a
day. It doesn't sound much but actually it can be a bit daunting, especially if
you have to fit your writing around family and paid jobs (thre...

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Kate Bush and the Power of Words
I went to see Kate Bush on Wednesday. It was an amazing experience that touched the audience in a way I have never seen before. Philippa Francis (writing as K.M. Lockwood) wrote a wonderful piece inspired by her visit to the show the night before. You can r...

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Ten Things That Are NOT Writing My Novel (but they're not far off)
1. Reading blogs.
This is fun. It's entertaining. It's informative. I can kid myself it's writing
related when I read about other people's processes, interesting facts from past
times, author interviews. It's not getting the words on the page of my novel

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Back from the Past
I've been out of the
loop for almost three months. I've ignored my novel. I've been in the slums of
Southwark, and by the cholera infested Broad Street pump. I've been in
Kensington Palace, and to the Great Exhibition. I briefly visited the textile

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5 Truths We Must Face Up To When Writing A Novel
1. The story doesn't
write itself. It just doesn't. Wouldn't it be handy though? We could carry on
sending those all important tweets and making those witty Facebook posts while
the Story Fairies work away on those tedious drafts on our behalf. 2. Social Me...
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