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New York Plantings Irrigation

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Remember to contact NY Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting NYC to get that drip irrigation system on your terrace garden or penthouse landscape up and working properly.
We upgrade existing drip irrigation systems to the new 'smart controllers' that are WIFI compatible and can be adjusted/monitored with cellphone.
Contact New York Plantings Irrigation today 347 558 7051 see our irrigation page
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New York Plantings Irrigation Services NYC also installers of landscape lighting systems for both roof gardens, terraces and townhouse landscapes. You want your bush all dried up? 
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I believe hat you are a serious NYC rooftop garden, townhouse irrigation or penthouse garden irrigation system client and truly in need of a professional grade drip irrigation system that is reliable and long lasting.

The timer and solenoid type system should last for decades and has up to date electronics that rival other "smart" devices. The rain sensors work very well and also other features such as self adjustment for seasons and multiple start times can be programmed.

                 If the terrace seems to be sunny or shady the drip line type emitter system will likely be best suited for your garden. Our systems are installed neatly and only have one neatly run line per planter instead of several lines. This makes a clean and attractive installation. Repairs are made easily. We can easily expand the irrigation system with easily attached drip lines and emitters that you can add yourself or we can come by to install.

The system can be run underneath the pavers as dicussed and we can do all within reason the hide the installation for neat appearance.

                      A competitive price for the system on medium to larger NYC terrace garden is between $4,000.00 and $5,000.00 dollars  I will do my best to add value so that our NY Plantings Irrigation quotation has best chance of being accepted.

When we install a system I return soon after to check and adjust. Each planter is examined and adjusted if necessary.
Some planters have different drainage characteristics or get more hours of sunlight than others. Different size plants and trees require more or less water.

            We will offer to return in Fall at no charge and Winterize the system for new clients that choose to use us for their NYC  drip irrigation installation services.

This no charge service has real value and comes at expense we gladly remit in appreciation for your business. If you feel that you reuire more personalized services please let me know and I or my assistant can stop by.
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