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Bret Appleby

Looking for some advice from the collective genius here. I have a player, who in his back-story was banished from the land by a powerful wizard he upset. Now at level 6 he is feeling cocky and sent an insulting / threatening message to the wizard. What would the wizard do? bear in mind they are now on different continents.

Hi Lex,

I'm a bit behind on the podcast, discovered you after you had been running for a while and I am trying to listen to them all. Really enjoying them.

I have got as far as #156 and you asked if people would like to hear you talk about specifics of how you altered a published adventure when you ran it. This is something I for one would be interested in, not so much as I am interested in the modules, but I would like to hear your thought process.


Bret , listener from the UK.
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