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Review about "JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook"
Today I would like to write some lines about the most recent book on JIRA administration which is called JIRA 6.x Administration Cookbook by Packt Publishing. Besides my professional experience with JIRA as well as several Atlassian and 3rd party trainings,...
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Getting started with OneNote - Feeding it with your multimedia information
As I have already
partly covered in my initial
article about OneNote the sheer amount of convenient ways to feed your
notebooks with information was one of the main reasons that convinced me. Since this is also
one of the first things you need to get up to ...
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Whitelisting online services for external parties using their IP
This article is
targeted at a minor- to non-technical audience, therefor I prefered the use of
simplified examples and extensive explanations. Also I would like to point out from the start
that the method mentioned here is not considered best practice due t...
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Already a bit older but still one of my best articles. Hopefully very helpful for people out there!
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Now that I have pleased my TF300T and me with the awesome Omni KitKat ROM, I wonder if anyone knows a way/app/hack to get the softkeys back to left-aligned instead of centered.
I know apparently this was removed by Google in the frameworks and it might be impossible to retain and I also tried PIE but it's kind of bad when I only push the bottom-left corner of my display:
Due to the fact that it opens up straight to the right, using it in the bottom-most left corner, I only see half of the buttons. Swiping more to the top fixes that but is not really comfortable.

Anyone have a thought about it?
Much appreciated!

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Great collection of free tech ebooks!
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Hey there,
I'm still looking for a convenient solution on how to regularly full-backup my Samsung Galaxy S2 (rooted) to an external storage (NAS in my home network) which would cover my *ss in case my phone gets stolen/lost.
I have Titan Backup installed and a batch backup running every Sunday which is okay as all data is at least backed up on to SD-card; Due to the size of the backup, upping it to or Dropbox is not my prefered solution due to security and the duration of the upload.

Do you know if there are any apps that do a NAND-backup out of the running system and support network-storages?

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!

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