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What is the state of things in Portland?  Any meetups happening?  Someone told me that Portland was a tech area.

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Learn Ruby with RubyLearning.

<rant>Google you really irritate me with your branding problems.  A hangout is where you video call and talk, not where you chat.  Now I have problems communicating with people in which chat window I am wanting to send a message, and not needing to keep a record of it, past the hangout.

Why did you  have to make my life so difficult?

Hangouts are where we hangout and can see each other.  Group chat in the hangout is just that.  Chat is just the text and picture thing that we have.  That gmail has had forever.  Let's not confuse people any more than we have to!

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Started reading "Rails Crash Course" by Anthony Lewis. 

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Learn the Human Interactive Way!

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When in New England, I always try to stop in and see Pink Skye Productionz!
Pink Skye Productionz is a hit I'm so looking forward to expanding clientele. If you need someone for Karaoke at Home at a club or just need a Dj for the evening I'm more than happy host your event. U can reach me at (207-629-7366) or email me at All calls ask for Samantha plz and thank you. If u wish to see me in action before hire I Karaoke at the Elks. lounge in Gardiner the last Sat. Of the month. So upon invite this is an event anyone can attend. ~ Pink Skyd Productionz~ 

Looking forward to meeting up at some point.  I don't usually get to meet in person so usually am pair programming remotely.

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This #Ruby   course starts on the 15th of March, (Friday evening in the US), and registrations are open!

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Looks like this course is happening at the end of the month.  If you wanted to learn #Golang  and have some prior programming knowledge, this just may be the course for you.

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A light introduction to Functional Programming Terms.  Thanks to repeat contributor, Elise Huard!
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