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Terry McNeil
Owner of The Slanted Kitchen. I cook, I photograph, I eat. Keeping it real with locally grown food.
Owner of The Slanted Kitchen. I cook, I photograph, I eat. Keeping it real with locally grown food.

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Cheese Curds, Oven Roasted Satina Fries, Red Wine Beef Gravy, Cress, Preserved Lemon

That gravy, 3 cups homemade beef stock, 1/2 cup red wine, reduced to 5 tablespoons of pure, mind blowing flavour.....

Craving satisfied....

#poutine #heritage #stillcanplaywithit #satisfied #roastedlessmess 

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Just one of those months.....


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Veggie Bacon Egg Bowl

Satina Potatoes, Green Beans, Berkshire Bacon, Sweet Bell Pepper, Broken Yolk Fried Egg, Spicy Sprouts

Friday night's dinner. I adore those crispy potatoes (my mom used to make them a lot when I was a kid), adding extra veggies just makes them better, diced bacon just kicks it over the top.

I did pick the right kind of potatoes for this also. A yellow fleshed yet slightly fluffy kind of potato. If you don't get the word fluffy used with the word potato, I can't help you.

Broken Yolk Fried Egg - HA! In reality, I broke the egg yolk when I flipped it over easy, not easily enough.

Strawberry ketchup was added after the photo. Strawberry season is still a bit away and I only have 1 cup left in the freezer. Guess I might just have to step outside my comfort zone again and try making another kind of ketchup. Perhaps cherry? I still have frozen cherries from last season in the freezer.

#bacon #potatoes #bowl #veggies #lovethiskindofmeal #comfortfood #hellyes 

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Bacon'n Beet Elk Burger

Berkshire Bacon, Garlic Elk Burger, Roasted Beet Relish, Feta, Greens

Had boy child over for dinner last night, he enjoys burgers. The Roasted Beet Relish was a new one that worked out fabulous (I still have leftovers in the fridge).

The rest, simple, I'm finally not being so lazy and toasting the buns, they hold up better.

#burger #elk #beet #roasting #feta #messybutdelish 

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Caramel English Toffee Bun

Same technique as a cinnamon bun, using brioche dough, the Almond Chocolate English Toffee I made at Christmas and homemade caramel.

I had planned on a regular cinnamon roll (using brioche dough), looked over and noticed the container of Almond Chocolate English Toffee that I've been looking for a way to use up. ding

A little concerned about scorching while the buns baked, nope, worked well. They just needed that little drizzle of decadence to complete, yay caramel.

#bunshun #chocolate #toffee #brioche #overthetop #usingupleftovers 

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Finally got around to getting some brioche baked. Going to make a quick and delicious dinner tonight.

#brioche #homemade #baking #sweetbreads 

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Hot Italian Meatball Sandwich

Busy day yesterday, things accomplish yet more to be done. I think it's going to be a crazy week.

Hot Italian sausage meat from the Italian Center, rolled into meatballs, seared, mixed with the leftover balsamic roasted tomatoes.

Toasted baguette, on with the meatballs, provolone cheese, I'm melting!!!

I don't understand why you would buy this when you can make it cheaper and better at home, but that's just me.

Time to fly, work and all that....

#meatballs #sandwich #melty #gottarun #yegfood #homemade 

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Blood Orange Za'atar Chicken Wings

Arugula, Roasted Radicchio, Pomegranate/Balsamic Vinaigrette

Okay, you really can't see the roasted radicchio, I kind of over did it a bit, very caramelized. I don't have much experience cooking radicchio but I learned a few things last night. Shorter cooking time.....

The Blood Orange Za'atar chicken wings were completely delish, I also drizzled them with the pom/balsamic for extra added zing. The vinaigrette may go places as a glaze, I'll have to play with it again. Considering I purchased another bag of wings.... I might purchase one more (if they are still available) next week, for the purpose of bbq'ing through the summer. The thing about farmers markets and local is you take advantage when product is around. Foods are not available year round like in most supermarkets, you eat with the seasons, for the most part.

I have lots of cooking to do today, things I want to get accomplished, regular house work and such. The day seems to be flying by. Something exciting happening this week, I'm looking forward. If it goes well, I'll share.

#chicken #wings #zaatar #middleeasternflavours #pomegranate #balsamic 

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Meyer Lemon Arctic Char

Cress, Seared Oyster Mushrooms, Evoo, Meyer Lemon Crema

I've found a promising fish monger, direct from boat to shop. Canadian and Icelandic fish, one of my absolute favs, Arctic Char.

Seared oyster mushrooms, seared Arctic Char filet on a bed of peppery cress, drizzled with some of the Meyer Lemon Crema I made and froze when the lemons were in season.

Happy, happy, happy!!!

#fish #lemon #salad #arcticchar #northernfish #fishmonger 

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Why we can't have nice things.....

A pre-emptive US military strike against North Korea may be necessary if the threat posed by its nuclear weapons programme reaches a level that “requires action”, the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has warned.

#war #fml #Ihatethisshit 
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