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Traveling Tech Computer Repair

Beware of the CryptoLocker virus. Make sure your data is backed up, your anti-virus software is up-to-date, and watch what you download! Call Traveling Tech Support Services to do that security audit before it's too late.

Phone: 586-563-8810

Ask for Tom!
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Today was an uneventful day for Traveling Tech. Although yesterday a repeat customer of ours got his hands on a new SSD from Microcenter.

Very good prices over there, it's where I've gotten all of my equipment from there.

The customer got a new Solid State Drive and we cloned his old drive and migrated the data over. 

So if you're getting a new hard drive or solid state drive this Christmas or anytime, give me a call, I can help you get that data and operating system safely migrated over.
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Spotted a browser hi-jack on an iMac today. It mimics the appearance of a Blue Screen error and gives you a telephone number to call. Don't call them! Call Traveling Tech Computer Repair. 586-563-8810. Took care of it in less than an hour with no collateral damage to the computer's data.
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Beware of Viruses! Call me today to get your computer cleaned up. With rates below the any worthy competitor you won't regret it.
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