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Alan Rust
A creative guy in #Omaha; #Menswear Blogger @TheDapperStyle
A creative guy in #Omaha; #Menswear Blogger @TheDapperStyle

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Holiday Spread
I don’t mean the spread of our waistlines during the holiday. I am talking about the extended spread of the traditional events ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ to blur beyond the original meaning of the holiday sales. Big Ticket retailers, like automobile ...

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Positive at Work

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Congrats my friend!
NBD... just chilling in front of my NEW damn restaurant!!! 15 years in the making and I can't wait to open the doors. #2ndCityNYC  COMING SOON!

#JordanAndino   #Fork_Knife   #Mexican   #MexicanFood    #Filipino   #FilipinoFood   #NYC   #WestVillage   #Foodie   #EatingNYC  

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Use Instagram as a Man
When it comes to social media, share too much and you're boring everyone with Instagrammed appetizers. But the opposite's just as bad: Share too little and, as Mark Byrne found out, it's really easy to look like a shallow, self-aggrandizing jerk. CLICK to r...

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Six surprisingly healthy beers that won't wreck your six-pack:

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Shop When You Want
There are many shifts in retail shopping patterns which are happening. Consumers are shopping more online than ever before. The National Retail Federation predicts that over half of all holiday shopping will be done online this year. We also know that up to...

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Fit Life Choices Brand Development
I had the opportunity to help my Personal Trainer  Devon Shurden  build his new fitness brand:  Fit Life Choices . We started from the beginning and selected a brand name that can tell a story. We developed the site, blog and all applicable social media sit...

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My Personal Trainer in Houston
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