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Should principals be formally evaluated? Currently most school boards do not have a formal evaluation for their principals.  There is informal evaluations such as school performance.  But there is nothing in terms of evaluating principals on their job.  While there are some exemplary principals out there who do an excellent job creating a team environment in their schools and a well connected community, there are a good handful of principals that are incompetent.  They destroy the school environment creating a divide within their staff while bulling select teachers just to show their power.  What happens to these incompetent principals that lead their schools to a destructive path?  The answer is currently nothing. However if this was N.A.S.A or I.B.M you can be sure an incompetent leader would get the boot or a demotion.  The link from a discussion group from linked in had many comments relating to this issue. What are your thoughts and experiences? #principal #evaluations

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Should principals be evaluated? Currently in Ontario and the most of Canada, principals are not formally evaluated. Most business, and organizations have some formal evaluations for management positions.  We are not just talking about school performance here. We are talking about some principal who deliberately cause mayhem in their school for their actions against their staff and parent community..  Which leads some principals to abuse their power within their school.   Your thoughts and experiences?

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