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Angela Coelho
Wife, Mother, Student, Friend...and I love it all
Wife, Mother, Student, Friend...and I love it all

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Camping with the Bonavita Clever
Well, all my fellow campers, hunters, backpackers, and is our first brewing method review. We (my husband and I) have found that we are unreasonably grumpy when we wake up, anytime we go camping. "Why?" you ask...because we have a toddler sle...

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Camping Season
It's practically summer here in Alaska and so we break out the shorts, light jackets, and hiking boots. We live for this time of year, it's why we brave and knuckle through the -40 winter days and the unrelenting dark, short days. The never ending sun and q...

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History of Coffee ~ Part 6
In the wake of the death of  six Brazilian men, the world begins to think of ways to counter act the coffee market that makes the rich man richer and the poor man poorer. Many coffee consumers want to be educated about where they are purchasing their coffee...

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History of Coffee ~ Part 5
We left off on the winds of change in Brazil and the global
economy. Brazil tried to stay ahead of its boom/bust cycle but found it was
impossible. The bust was inevitable and the country was tired of seeing their
economy collapse because of it. The people,...

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History of Coffee ~ Part 4
Brazil has been known for their coffee for decades. What most
people don't know is that years ago in 1880 a boom/bust cycle was put into
motion in this country's coffee crop. Because this is a cash crop, (meaning the
crop's sole purpose is to return a profi...

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History of Coffee ~ Part 3
We last left off at the Industrial Revolution and the need for
coffee to keep workers awake. Today we pick up at the Gold Rush. When people caught wind of gold
in the west, there was a race to the hills and of course they needed their
coffee to stay awake a...

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The History of Coffee ~ Part 2
We left off on our coffee journey in Europe. Since coffee has made such a splash on the continent it seems only right that it would eventually spread to it's American colonies. In fact, when a tax was imposed on tea and the angered colonists dumped all of t...

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History of Coffee ~ Part 1
Ever wonder where the delicious brew you drink each morning comes from? Well, embark with us on a journey from seed to cup as we unpack the history of how coffee came to be. So begins the story..... Legend has it that Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder went to...

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The Perfect Latte
Coffee fanatics search high and low to find that perfect cup of coffee. Why? Well, if you're a coffee fanatic you know why...but to the rest of you, it's like finding the perfect pair of shoes that go with every outfit or the perfect car that has the ultima...

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Why Drink Local?
Why is it important
to drink local coffee? For that matter, why is it important to support ANY
local business? The simple answer is, it promotes growth and economic stability
in our town.  A spokesperson
at an organization in Texas called Homegrown   says,
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