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This makes far too much sense...

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This is my understanding of parenting.

The world is alive, and beauty is everywhere.

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We must live for one another, or we will die alone.

Hey, fellow gamers...

Anyone know of a good, free source (preferably online) for headline archives from the recent past? I'm going to be running a game set in the Bay Area in 2012, and I'd love to be able to weave actual history in.

Why do I have the sudden desire that there be a remake of Dances With Wolves as a disco musical, replacing Kevin Costner with a young John Travolta, complete with white leisure suit?

You know what makes me feel fat, more than anything else? Looking at Gothic clothing. Apparently, all goth boys are skinny fuckers. I wish someone had told me before I decided to get diabetic and old.

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Most of you probably already know this, but it bears occasional repeating.

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TL;DR: An economy that depends on constant, escalating consumption cannot allow consumption to drop. The system is set up to produce more than people can use, and convince them they need things they don't. Picking from the list of options the system provides--and conscious consumption is a system-provided option--does little to change it. The system has to be fundamentally changed to something that doesn't run on creating a global company store.

You know, the end of Capitalism.
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