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Real, live MONSTERS!
Real, live MONSTERS!

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Roughty-tufty Legs
Image: Aleksey Gnilenkov Exoskeletons are pretty great; it's one of my favourite things about insects. Who can say no to your own custom-made suit of armour, precisely moulded to every contour of your body and available in a wide range of exciting colours t...

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Chinese Lantern
Image: Isfugl The Chinese Lantern is a hardy perennial that will provide you with all the natural, biodegradable paper lanterns you could ever want! (Candles sold separately) Image: Isfugl It's also known by such delightful names as Winter Cherry and Strawb...

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Strawberry Squid
Histioteuthis heteropsis You've seen werewolves versus vampires. You've marvelled at Alien versus Predator. You've wondered what on earth is going on at zombies versus Jane Austen. Now it's time to quake in your boots at the thought of... Terminator versus ...

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Image: Bernard DUPONT It's a leaf. A perfectly honest, perfectly innocent leaf, shivering in the wind. Image: Robert Whyte Tree Stump Spider (Poltys illepidus) It's a twig. A perfectly honest... twig... Image: Robert Whyte With... legs? It's a spider! Image...

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Fish-scale Gecko
Look at those scales! It's not a mere suit of armour, it's a suit of shields! Fish-scale Geckos make up a tiny genus called Geckolepis , which means 'gecko scale.' It contains just five species, all found in various parts of Madagascar and the nearby Comoro...

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Warty Sea Star
Image: Ratha Grimes Echinaster callosus Oh, no! There's been a terrible accident in the biological waste bin. The warts are alive. Repeat: the warts are alive! Image: Nick Hobgood The Warty Sea Star is a starfish that happens to look like a pile of blobs go...

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Deep Sea Dragonfish
Image: Fran Martín de la Sierra My name is Deep Sea Dragonfish, eater of worlds. Look on my face, ye Mighty, and despair! No argument here! Image: NOAA Deep Sea Dragonfish, also known as Barbeled Dragonfish, are a family of fish found in oceans all over the...

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Image: David Iliff Sarcodes sanguinea In the months of spring, mysterious spikes of bloody flesh point to the sky. No, really! Image: Dan and Raymond Copse of corpse Not really. No, really! Image: Jacob Kirkland Pillars of blood-dripping flesh Well, sort of...

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Red-spotted Horseshoe
Image:  Alfiero Brisotto Protula tubularia Surely, it's a peacock? Image: Wolljuergen It has to be a bird-of-paradise. Hasn't it? Nope. It's a worm. You can tell it's a worm from the, erm... from the feathers. Image: Wolljuergen That's why it's also known a...

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Australian Hornet
Image: James Niland Abispa ephippium I get that wasps use bright colours to warn predators of their painful sting. It's a great way to ward off attacks without having to physically do anything, and everyone loves not having to physically do anything... But ...
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