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On the poet's path

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hey hoy are you
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I was walking through the woods and found this. Why am I atracted by all rusty things?
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Because rust has a cool decayed beauty. Oh yes and texture. It's texture. 
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Guardian angel... - that only comes out under lightning and under darkness..when normal humans are quieter in their own world.

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A pirate giving a way a treasure!? - We had a nice surprise today when we went to Robert Burns birthdayplace museum today. We met pirates! Lots of them! And guess what?!! They were giving away something delicious!
So if you haven't been there yet, get prepared and be aware! Go and take part of the Treasure Island Cadbury Easter Egg Trail! It was fun!:-) And with this sun shinning upon us, nothing better to go around this beautiful place!


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I remember this was a hard photo shoot which involved 7 excited children together. So this one was the easiest one, 5 of them 'locked' in a bath! :-)
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Thank you so much +Lawritz Mann and +Leonie H!
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Any similarity is just a mere coincidence...

#familyfun #familyphotography  
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Evolutionary pals !
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Listening - The house is empty, there is no sound...but she continues listening with attention...
To what or to whom?


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like more and much to avail well,good and accoratly positioned.very nice...haaice
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Portraiture, dance photography
  • PatisPaton Photography
    Owner, 2011 - present
A passionate about photography, people behaviour, music and dance.
Biomedical scientist in the past and a photographer in constant growth in the present. After having a child I've set up new goals in my life, new challenges and a new chapter in my career life. A hobby was transformed into my full time work. My photography skills are self taught.

People behaviour attracts me, so I enjoy capturing it at different angles.
Nature's beauty is something that still makes me perplexed. It brings me peace and serenity.
Music and dance are my secret loves. They play a lot with my emotions.
Therefore, I try through my photography to transmit all these sentiments and be as realistic as possible to show what I see and feel.

I am available for commissioned work and the majority of my work is available for sale either as licensed images or in print form. If you are interested in any of my photos or would like to discuss a new project, don't hesitate in contacting me.

© All rights remain reserved on images/photography created by PatisPaton Photography. Unauthorised tagging, copying, reproduction, or distribution without the consent of PatisPaton Photography is strictly prohibited.

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I'm having an amazing experience through the photographers' community here in G+. A passion by photography is growing inside and I am spending the majority of my time in the subject and of course with my camera!

I curate the theme *speedy saturday* +Speedy Saturday. Let us freeze the good moments in our lives!

365 project: A photo a day for a Year group member and one of its curators.

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Survived M.Sc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a Ph.D. in Immunology :-p. My beloved child. A turn around in my career life from working as a biomedical scientist to loving my work as a photographer
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