OK, for writers out there...

I'm not an amazon hater. Amazon's made it possible for me to get English language books in here for the last... 15 years? About that. I don't, however, like their ebook distribution system, at all. It's geared toward their gadget and their app, neither of which I use, so getting a book from them forces me to either fight with Operating System emulations or download the file, convert and manually upload to my library. Annoying.

This means that, when I try to get some books from off-track publishers (and, at the rate I'm blacklisting houses... well), I use epub format. From Mediterranean Europe.

Amazon makes some weird currency exchange and makes it unnecessarily expensive to buy ebooks. B&N apparently can't sell a single ebook here. Maybe there's a shortcut, but I'm getting to the site through the writer's homepage, more often than not. I want to buy it without hassles. Kobo's worse. Apple... sigh.

Once upon a time, whis would mean I couldn't buy these books. Which, since there were very few publishers acting in concert, meant I could hardly read.

These days there are other options. Baen has online store for ebooks (like very few pubishers), so does Omnilit (even though they separate their formats into different purchases), and Smashwords.

If you're a writer and you say "Oh, but 85% of my sales are through amazon" it might well be that you're making them be through amazon. And I'm weird, but not that weird. what happens to me is likely to happen with others.

And what happens to me is that if I can't buy your book en epub format through your site, Baen's, Smashwords, Omnilit's or your publisher, I won't look back. I understand getting into the KDP "exclusive" for a while (put a goddamn countdown!), but after two years?

Your business, your choice. My time and my bucks, mine.
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