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In just a few short hours we will be getting off the ship to spend the day at McMurdo Station. The last leg of this trip did not disappoint. Come read all about it!

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Where the Ocean Ends
As with all things in this life both grand and mundane, our
adventure has reached it's final chapter. And like any grand adventure, the
ending has not failed to deliver.   Early in the morning about 5
days ago our ship slowly came to a stop for our last CTD...

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Its been a while folks, but here is my latest post from the southern ocean! This post may drone on a bit, I get real into flying my UAS!

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Aloft at Sea
Hello fair readers, I am back for an update in a new time
zone. An interesting thing happens while traveling around the Antarctic circle,
in this case following a course due west (and a little bit south). We are
clicking off time zones every couple of days,...

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Living la vida boat-a! A less techy blog post today with all the video I could push through to the mainland.

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Life in the land of eternal light, now with Video!
Life on a boat in the Southern Ocean is quite an experience. After
the first few days of maintaining a fairly normal schedule the work begins. I
should clarify, I have been running around shooting everything since I got on
my first plane back in NJ. The sup...

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New Post Day! New Post Day!

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Ships, Photos, Video and the curse of the Telephoto
Photo by Greta Shum Welcome to my first post of the new year! Life on the boat is
never dull, but after a couple of days being spoiled with incredible wildlife
and scenery, we are back out to sea and everything is flat and blue again. It’s
ironic that just ...

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