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Children Get Older (I'm Getting Older Too)
M y 10 year old said he would be totally fine with staying at his cousin’s house for “a week - well maybe four days, but maybe a week, too.” “Won’t you miss mom and dad?” I asked, baiting what I thought was a surefire means to hooking the answer his mother ...

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Just because
N ot b umper stickers, hyperbolic rants, nor memes are going to
make someone see things your way. You’re never going to change anyone’s mind
with aggressive, provocative diatribes that equate to poking them in the
chest saying “you’re wrong and you’re stupi...

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A Week in the Life of a Middle-Aged Portland Oregon Surfer
M onday, 7:30 a.m. I’m tired, probably feeling a wee bit of the after-effects
(not gonna call it a hangover) of drinking too much over the weekend (again.) I
surfed Saturday though. Still riding a bit of that stoke. I can still feel that
second-to-last wave...

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Why I Will Never Ever Post to Craigslist Ever Again
W ant to lose all faith in humanity? Go to Craigslist. Create a post in the "free" section. Observe the idiocy. And this was just one of many...

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Stinky Wetsuits
I went surfing on January 1st. What follows is the exchange I had with my surf buddy prior to, and following a fun session in Seaside, OR.

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S o there w as a shark attack last week not too far from where
I surf. The guy got away without any injuries though—the big lug just gave his
board a little taste-test. I’m sure there’s a wetsuit that got a thorough
cleaning this weekend, and for the record...

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I'm Still Here...
S o I won’t even bother with any commentary on my lack of
posts of late. Suffice it to say the work that pays the bills overfloweth. The
surf has been great as well, so my, uh, free time has been limited.   Just to let you know I’m still alive and
keeping t...

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