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Ways to Start Exporting Goods in New International Market

Looking for some ways to start exporting goods in new international market? Well that so, then you have come to the right place. Simply follow the tips given below to make your export business successful.

• First and foremost, understand your business needs.
• Planning is must. Make an effective business plan to move further towards your goal.
• Analyse target market thoroughly by taking import-export statistics from Export Genius.
• Identify active importers for your product with the help of our database in which you will get the complete list of international buyers of any product.

To know more about how to start exporting commercial goods in new international market, read our blog. And fill up our quick enquiry form at to get the import export data. Also, e-mail your data requirements to Or call us at +91-11-47048012.

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USA Soybean Export Report – US Soybean Export Statistics

The analytical report released by Export Genius showed that soybean export from USA to the world worth USD 21.65 billion in 2017 and accounted for 37.2% of the world’s exports. The country has recorded a growth in the exported quantity of soybeans between 2013 and 2017. According to the soybean export data, the exports have been decreased by 5% of value during 2016-17. However, the country has maintained its export sales during last five years.

The top soybean growing states in the USA are Illinois, Lowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri etc. Illinois topped the list as the biggest state with over 610 million bushels produced in 2017.

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Bilateral Trade between India and South Korea

South Korea is the sixth biggest import source of India and recorded 4% share in India’s imports. India imports of goods from South Korea recorded USD 12500 million in 2017 and the imports have been raised by 2% of value during 2016-17. India’s top imports from this country include electrical machinery, iron and steel, natural pearls, machinery and plastics.

South Korea is also one of the main export destinations of Indian commodities. According to India export data, India exports of goods to South Korea worth USD 3137 million in 2017 and recorded 1% share in India’s exports. It has seen a decline in exports by 10% of value between 2013 and 2017. India’s top export products to this country include aluminum, mineral fuels & oils, organic chemicals, iron & steel and machinery.

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Coal Exports from Australia – 2017 Set a New Record

Australia made a new record in coal exports during 2017. It supplied coal worth $56.7 billion in this year, which increase from 2016’s $46.7 billion. The country mostly exported metallurgical and thermal coal. Let’s check more Australia export statistics of coal:

• Australia supplied maximum amount of coal to Japan, which recorded 30.2% share in value.

• It is expected that Australia coal exports will surpass iron ore exports.
We are the largest source of market research report and data with 100% authenticity guarantee. So, if you want Australia export data of coal with customs-based details.

Simply fill up our quick enquiry form at Or send your data requirements to Or speak to our sales representatives at +91-11-47048012.

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Seafood Exports from India – Industry Outlook

In the financial year 2017-18, India crossed $7 billion figure in seafood exports, with frozen fish and frozen shrimp continuing the flagship export items. A market research report from Export Genius revealed that the country supplied seafood items maximum to the United States of America and South East Asian countries. Here are some more facts and figures about seafood industry in India:

• Indian marine waters are home to over 1700 fish species.
• India has installed processing capacity of 23000 MT with 506 state-of-the-art processing plants, out of which more than 62% of them are EU approved plants.
• India exported 1377244 tonnes of seafood items to the world and earned INR 45,106.89 crore in 2017-18.
• During April 2017-January 2018, exports of seafood from India valued at $5.64 billion.

For complete figures of India exports seafood, buy our 100% authentic India export data of seafood with shipping information. Reach us via, or call us at +91-11-47048012.

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Diamond Export Statistics of India – Diamond Exporters in India

Diamond companies in India can easily expand their business globally by getting the genuine list of foreign buyers. Below are diamond exporting companies in India.

• Shri Ambika Udyog
• Ranujee Jewellers
• New Novelty Agate Exporters
• DDR International
• Shree Enterprises
• Vraj Impex

Export genius has released a market research report on diamond export from India. It covers all the shipment details and analysed on the basis of variety, export partners, ports, market trends, exporters and much more.

To get the complete details of exporters and importers, subscribe to diamond export data or purchase research report on diamond export from India.

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India’s Guar Gum Export Statistics of India 2017
India exports guar gum to more than 100 countries around the world. USA, Norway, China, Russia and Germany are India’s largest guargum export destinations as the country is exporting to more than countries around the world. Let’s check the statistics below.

• USA – 52.5%
• Norway – 7.3%
• China – 5.8%
• Russia – 5.8%
• Germany – 4.8%

India exports of guargum have improved in 2018 as oil drilling has increased in the USA after crude oil prices shot up in recent months. This product is mainly exported into two categories such as pulverise and refined guargum.
India exports about 90% of its guargum production and 90% of the export are used to extract oil and shale gas. It exports various types of guar products to various countries.

The country has exported 423,285 MT of guargum to the world for the worth of INR 3131 crores / 467.9 USD Millions during the year 2016-17.

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Biggest Potato Exporters in India – Potato Export from India

There are hundreds of Indian exporters supplying potatoes to the foreign countries. Check the list including some exporters as mentioned below.

• S.K. International
• S K Cold Storage
• Jyoti Exports
• M S International
• Advait Agrotech Private Limited
• N S Trading Company
• Sutharshan Exports

India mainly exports potatoes on two varieties such as fresh or chilled potatoes and seed potatoes. Fresh potatoes accounted for more than 90% of the total exports. Also, the demand of India seed potatoes in the global market have been raised by 25% of value in last five years.

India is the second largest potato producer country in the world. The top potato growing states in India are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Gujarat.
Subscribe to Indian potato export report released by Export Genius. Find global genuine potato buyers and Indian suppliers as well.

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Cotton Industry in China – Cotton Yarn Import Data of China

China is importing cotton yarn from more 35 countries around the world. The top two supplying markets such as Vietnam and India, accounted over 58% value of the China’s total cotton yarn imports in 2017.

Vietnam accounted for 37% value of China imports of this product. China has increased its market with Vietnam and recorded growth of 21% by value and 29% by quantity between 2013 and 2017.

India accounted for 21.1% value of China imports of cotton yarn during 2017. China has reduced its imports from India in last five year and recorded decline of 16% by value and 11% by quantity. Currently, China is only importing from India to bridge the gap in demand that cannot be fulfilled by supply from Chinese domestic traders and import from Vietnam.

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