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Best way to find importers, exporters, trade data and market trends

It is not easy to find genuine importers or exporters for your product in the international market. The offline methods have been replaced by digital ways. You can now easily find the right business partner in just one click. Export Genius has released the simple and best method to find buyers and suppliers around the world. Take a brief look at the things that will be accessible for your business.

• Get the list of active global buyers for your product in different countries.
• Access the list of genuine suppliers exporting around the world.
• Check the trade data of your product and shipment details of your competitors.
• Know the market trends and country’s trade in the past years.

Through the given link below, search the following things using the online tools in one go only.

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Laptop Import Report of India 2017

China is the biggest source supplying laptops to India and amounted to USD 2240.82 million from 5551975 pieces during the year 2017. India laptop imports valued USD 2326.37 million in the year 2017. In terms of quantity, 5640495 pieces of laptops have been imported in the said year. China is the largest laptop import market for India and the maximum laptop shipments have arrived at Chennai Sea.

What will you gain from laptop import report of India 2017?

• What are the top laptop brands imported into India?
• What are the top laptop models of various brands?
• Which screen size laptop is majorly imported?
• Who are the active laptop importers in India?
• Which are the laptop import partners of India?
• Which are the top Indian ports of laptop imports?

Export Genius market research report on Laptop imports into India contains detailed market insights on various segments such as brand, model, screen size, monthly statistics, HS codes and trading companies and arriving ports.

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US Aluminum Import Data 2017

The USA imported more than six million metric tons of the non-ferrous metal for consumption in 2017 and aluminum consumption in the United States largely occurred in the Midwest. US aluminum imports include unfinished metal & alloys as well as finished plates, sheets and bars but excludes imported scrap for secondary production.

There are more than 1700 US aluminum companies are importing from other countries. Dubal America INC is the largest US aluminum importer and recorded 26.55% quantity of total imports.

According to USA aluminum industry, several factors have contributed to the decline in aluminum production including higher labour costs and strength of the US dollar. As a result, the imports have increased and the US aluminum companies are filling their requirements from global companies.

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Indian Cotton Export Statistics 2017

As per the estimates, it is recorded that India is exporting cotton to more than 150 countries around the world. Bangladesh and China are the largest export destinations for Indian cotton. Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Korea, Egypt, Portugal, Indonesia and Turkey are next main cotton export destinations for India. Check the statistics (2017) of India’s top 10 cotton import partners.

• Bangladesh – USD 1735 million
• China – USD 1147 million
• Pakistan – USD 510 million
• Vietnam – USD 391 million
• Sri Lanka – USD 221 million
• Korea – USD 184 million
• Egypt – USD 182 million
• Portugal – USD 159 million
• Indonesia – USD 156 million
• Turkey – USD 135 million

India is one of the largest cotton producers and second largest cotton exporter in the world. Cotton is a standard crop of India and a major raw material for domestic textile industry. Indian cotton industry is second in largest employer after agriculture industry.

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How to Find International Buyers for Exporting Goods?

Despite the fact that there are various free sources to find buyers for exporting goods, market research agency, Export Genius is the finest and trusted paid source to get list of active foreign importers of any product or country with complete shipment details. Contacting embassies, attending trade events and registering at export promotional councils are few free sources that provide limited details about importers and exporters. But, buying complete data from this market research company provides complete database with exact shipments received from customs and other valid sources.

This company also provides few international buyers at its website for the reference. You can request for complete list of importers of a product and country of your choice by filling up our quick enquiry form at

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