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We help you join the dots...
We help you join the dots...

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Helping businesses to get started and successfully implement Artificial Intelligence ICE™ recently welcomed Jean Latiere as the new Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultant.
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ICE™ Readiness Checker – self-assessment tool for commercial excellence performance

Do all your departments support your ‘Sales Process’?
Do you understand the total lifetime value of your customers?
How do things really get done in your organisation?
Is your organisational culture driving change or holding it back?
To help you find answers to these questions, we have developed a simple commercial excellence self-assessment tool which can be completed, free of charge, by up to 15 people from your organisation.

Self-assessment tool

Our ICE™ Readiness Checker is based upon many years of experience in diagnosing organisational strengths and improvement opportunities relating to commercial excellence performance.

As a business leader, the way you think things work in your organisation is usually different from the way those carrying out the daily tasks think it works. In order to change and improve, it is vital to know where you are starting from.

This self-assessment tool will help you understand how things really work and help you to identify your strengths upon which improvements can be built for greater commercial success.

Go ahead and try it…it should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. Then share the link with other colleagues. This way you can quickly determine if you all see and experience things the same way.

Shortly after you have completed the survey, we will email your results back to you on request, and if you let us know how many others will complete the self-assessment and by when, we will produce an anonymous summary report for you.
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ICE™ utilises HIJSA behavioural assessment tools

Many organisations know that boosting personality leads to important benefits. Do you still use the MBTI or the DISC system?

Many people find these tools useful, but scientists are sceptical, and the effectiveness of these tools has long been challenged.

ICE™ utilises HIJSA behavioural assessment tools, because every job position has an ideal personality profile.

A manager should be a good leader
A sales person should be friendly
A teacher should be emotionally stable
If personality characteristics that are necessary for successful performance are lacking, the achievement of professional goals will suffer. Therefore it is important to consider a candidate’s personality fit to the job position.

Certain aspects of personality can be developed to maximize performance. The HIJSA tool is much more effective than the MBTI or the DISC as It assess not only personality, but also how personality fits a current job position, and how the personality can be boosted to excel in that particular position.

For more information, please contact us at

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