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The Remnants of "I'm Bored"
The Monday morning shuffle begins and while I am in between batches of children getting ready and getting out the door I come across all the piles of the "I'm Bored" moments of the weekend.  This time I grabbed my phone to capture the piles of creativity. I...

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Twins..a Single and Then Holy Triplets!!!!!!
Long ago are the days where the hours go by slow and the feeling that the dinner hour will never end and bedtime seems so so far away.  The whining and the crying from a cranky toddler because a nap that was cut short due to the Fed Ex man ringing the doorb...

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Enjoying Small Moments
I have never been one to stop long enough to smell the roses.  Everything is never done.  The house is never clean enough,  the laundry is never all done and the kitchen is rarely perfectly clean.  I have been trying to slow down and enjoy the moments when ...

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The Dynamics of a Box of Cereal
How do they know?  How do they know that I went to the grocery store and that the new stock of sugary goodness is waiting for them?  I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as they scurry down the stairs.  Their little sock covered feet slip as they go around...

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Twins, Triplets and A Single...Driving and Forgetting
That moment when..... You just dropped off a random child and you are driving along but there is a lot going on in your head.  You are actually scheduling in your head and almost taking inventory of everything as you are driving.  Those are the moments when...

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High School..Middle School and Elementary School..Uncharted Territory
It has been awhile and boy have I been busy.  Tomorrow we become parents of a couple of Freshman in high school.  If you have been through it than you probably sit back, snicker and think no big deal and if you haven't been through this than you probably do...

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Pack .. Unpack .. And Repack!
We are in full swing and we have started our marathon.  School is out and we are settling into our routine and I am wiped out.  "Are these really the first signs of aging?" I ask myself.  I like to stay busy and keep the kids busy but by 9pm or so I am tire...

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We Are Going To Tip Over-Camping with Twins, Triplets and A Single
I tried to ignore my thoughts and just fall into a deep sleep but it just wasn't happening.  The wind would come in and ramp up slowly but very loud.  I felt like I was laying there counting the seconds until it would max out.  Almost like when you were a k...

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Multiples Illuminated ...... A Must Read!
It was a regular morning and I was off to visit the doctor
for an ultra sound.  It was still early,
at just 9 weeks the doctor wanted to check on the 2 heartbeats she had
discovered just 3 weeks prior.  I already
had a set of twins and a single so although ...
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