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Cheops Forlife
Développeuse de concepts d'application utilisant la 3D immersive
Développeuse de concepts d'application utilisant la 3D immersive

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Avec l'auteur de "Camille Claudel la Valse des gestes" et de "Barbara, Ebène et Ivoire"...

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Advertise on HIE Time is almost up - get your booth, customize it to advertise your grid, region, or project. Hurry, only a few days left to do it!
You can find a copy of the basic booth at the HG Safari clubhouse on Francogrid, and at the Booth building sandbox, on - talk to +Szavanna Sunshine to learn more!

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Parler du Livre et de la Lecture dans le Cyberespace - Rencontres internationales H.I.E 2017
J'aurai le plaisir d'intervenir le 17 décembre à 18H00 dans le cadre des deux journées de conférences multi-langues (anglais, français, allemand, espagnol et italien) de présentations de recherches et de projets développés dans le Web 3D immersive, libre et...

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It's Conference season in open sim~
OSCC is December 9 amd 10
Here is the program!
You don't have to sign up to attend, but it helps the organizers if you do. All tickets are free for this event

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Join us for #OSCC17 the 5th annual +OpenSimulator Community Conference taking place virtually on the OSCC conference grid December 9-10, 2017. This year we celebrate 10 years of #Opensimulator focusing on the developer and user community and features presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, and social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base.

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Appel aux bonnes volontés !
The 4 language expo will happen one month from today!
20+ speakers in four languages - make that 5 languages including English!

All speakers will be submitting Notes about their talks, so that we can provide simultaneous 'subtitles' in several languages.
If you're interested in helping out with the Subtitles, or with being a greeter, or having a publicity Booth on the grid, please comment this post!
Please invite your friends. The HIE Grid is open to the public now, so feel free to visit anytime to get oriented, and to help us with our ongoing load tests.
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thanks to +Eryn Galen our website is live!
Apply to be a presenter on the web site... read the Expo details, and conditions, then complete the Form and send it as soon as possible, so the event timetable, and practice sessions, can begin
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