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Here's a cool list of all the voice commands for the new Google Now. Really cool to see what you can do with them. (Zoom to see details)
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qCraft: Quantum Physics In Minecraft

We built the Quantum A.I. Lab to explore the potential of quantum computing, and figure out what questions we should be asking. One question is clear: Where will future quantum computer scientists come from? 

Our best guess: Minecraft. 

Millions of kids are spending a whole lot of hours in Minecraft, not just digging caves and fighting monsters, but building assembly lines, space shuttles, and programmable computers, all in the name of experimentation and discovery. 

So how do we get these smart, creative kids excited about quantum physics? 

We talked to our friends at MinecraftEdu and Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter and came up with a fun idea: a Minecraft modpack called qCraft. It lets players experiment with quantum behaviors inside Minecraft’s world, with new blocks that exhibit quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency. 

Of course, qCraft isn’t a perfect scientific simulation, but it’s a fun way for players to experience a few parts of quantum mechanics outside of thought experiments or dense textbook examples.

We don’t even know the full potential of what you can make with qCraft, but we’re excited to see what Minecraft’s players can discover. 

You can download qCraft now as part of the Tekkit, Hexxit, or Feed The Beast Unleashed modpacks, and find out more at 

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When you're deep into searching a particular topic, use Google's filters to help you search more efficiently by filtering the pages that you have and have not visited. For example, if you search [best skydiving locations new zealand] and want to see only pages that you haven't already researched, select "Not yet visited" on the left side under "Show Search Tools." Similarly, if you want to see the pages you've already looked at—maybe you remember one of them had an especially cool recommendation—choose "Visited pages" to instantly see every page you've visited so far related to your search term. This feature is only available if you're signed into your Google account.

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Here's a handy trick for keeping your home office, dining room table or junk drawer clutter free: instead of letting receipts, bank statements, old movie tickets and postcards pile up, just scan them with +Google Drive for Android. It's now super easy for you to keep track of important paperwork—simply click “Scan” from the "Add new" menu, snap a photo of your document, and Drive will turn the document into a PDF. Because Drive can recognize text in scanned documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, a simple search will retrieve the scanned document later. 

With scanned documents in Drive, your house just got a little less cluttered: Of course, it's up to you to find a solution for all those souvenir matchbooks, stray pens and other tchotchkes lying around!


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Mobile (green, includes tablet) vs non-mobile (blue) share of visits, Dec 2009 to Jun 2013, from a sports site with ~288k visits per month. That's pretty phenomenal growth.
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New cards in Google Now: TV Cards and Google Offers

Google Now brings you the information you need before you even ask, and today we’re adding a few more cards to help connect you with more information throughout your day:

TV Cards: If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now. We will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of the Wire” in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire. 

Google Offers: Now you can get reminders for your saved offers when you're near the store -- right when you need it. Google Now will pull up the offer so you can use it quickly and easily.

These new cards and more are available in the latest version of the Google Search for Android app, rolling out today on Google Play:
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I have a tremendous number of thoughts about the various revelations about the NSA's domestic espionage programs revealed this week. But first and foremost, I wanted to share this message from +Larry Page and our Chief Legal Officer +David Drummond. Google had no involvement in the PRISM program and the first we heard of it was when Greenwald's article hit the press.

I'm not sure what the details of this PRISM program are, but I can tell you that the only way in which Google reveals information about users are when we receive lawful, specific orders about individuals -- things like search warrants. And we continue to stand firm against any attempts to do so broadly or without genuine, individualized suspicion, and publicize the results as much as possible in our Transparency Report. Having seen much of the internals of how we do this, I can tell you that it is a point of pride, both for the company and for many of us, personally, that we stand up to governments that demand people's information. 

I can also tell you that the suggestion that PRISM involved anything happening directly inside our datacenters surprised me a great deal; owing to the nature of my work at Google over the past decade, it would have been challenging -- not impossible, but definitely a major surprise -- if something like this could have been done without my ever hearing of it. And I can categorically state that nothing resembling the mass surveillance of individuals by governments within our systems has ever crossed my plate.

If it had, even if I couldn't talk about it, in all likelihood I would no longer be working at Google: the fact that we do stand up for individual users' privacy and protection, for their right to have a personal life which is not ever shared with other people without their consent, even when governments come knocking at our door with guns, is one of the two most important reasons that I am at this company: the other being a chance to build systems which fundamentally change and improve the lives of billions of people by turning the abstract power of computing into something which amplifies and expands their individual, mental life.

Whatever the NSA was doing involving the mass harvesting of information, it did not involve being on the inside of Google. And I, personally, am by now disgusted with their conduct: the national security apparatus has convinced itself and the rest of the government that the only way it can do its job is to know everything about everyone. That's not how you protect a country. We didn't fight the Cold War just so we could rebuild the Stasi ourselves.

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I've created a small page to help you keep track of Chrome Channel Releases across all platforms: Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad and Chrome Frame.

Go have a look at

And if you're interested in knowing what these numbers represent, I'd recommend you read

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In design, brevity is finding the best way to perform an action in the fewest steps without losing efficiency or the message. And it requires building a visual hierarchy–understanding what the most important actions are for your product.
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