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need a public IP? have you tried yosti?
need a public IP? have you tried yosti?

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In case you haven't noticed, we re-vamped the home page of It should be easier now to understand what we do and how we do it without digging in the FAQ :-).

While at it, we introduced a small bug due to lack of support of inline-block in IE which we fixed shortly after. Hope it didn't cause too much trouble!

We're now working once again on the control panel - expect big changes over the next few weeks, we're trying to improve it significantly.

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Let's start with the bad news for the day. We got many more requests for invites than we could send out yesterday, and it will take us a few days of work before we can send more. Lots of work to do on our servers!

On the other hand, we are extremely excited to announce that we now have...
... our own blog, at If you are curious about our technology, what we are doing, and how things are going, we will use it to post longer articles and interesting facts. Some will be in depth discussions about running a service like yosti, some will be fun facts about you, our users, and the Internet in general.
... has been translated in German. We hope this will help our German speaking users.

In a few hours, we will start sending out more invites! Still need an IP? we hope so!

Started today our first promotional campaign on Facebook, we've had many more visitors than we were expecting, and... we are already out of invites!

Bear with us for a few more days and stay tuned, as we work on increasing our capacity.

Web site is finally UP, started sending out invitations. Traffic and users are growing! Everything looks good so far, give us a try :-)
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