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Google+ finally works with Google Apps accounts, so I'm moving over to that account. Unfortunately there's no way to migrate accounts, so you'll have to re-add my new account if you want to follow me. I'll circle people some time later.

PS: I'm still far more active on Facebook for good reasons. :)

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+Jonathan Hitchcock from Yola will be presenting the first #talkwithbeer, a new talk series initiated from #breaktherules. Yola will be sponsoring the beer for the talk, so you can relax while learning about the gritty details of running code in the wild.

Talk: I have code. Now what?
When: Wednesday 21 September 13:00
Where: CS302, UCT

Talk summary: Once you've got your code running properly, it's a common assumption that the work is over, and now you just need to put it somewhere so people can use it. In this talk, I'll use a very simple webapp to illustrate some of the issues faced and common mistakes made when writing (and deploying) code that is meant to run at scale.

Biography: Jonathan is Operations Team Leader at Yola, running the team that deploys and maintains a website with almost 6 million users.

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I've noticed a bunch of new followers here. If you're on twitter, I invite you to follow me ( Hopefully there will soon be a way to import tweets to G+, but until then I'm not really posting much here. I don't post much new content on FB either, but for completeness I'm (although I only accept friend requests if I know you, so don't feel offended if I don't accept back).

PS: I see potential here, but I just don't want to spend even more time on yet another social network.

Privacy concern: Are users aware that their comments on a public post are also public? e.g. check my profile while logged out: I hadn't thought of looking at the post visibility before commenting until now.

Fascinating post on "How Google+ Shows That Google Still Doesn't Understand Social":

You can edit comments, but you can't delete them. So I can't moderate crap +Ben Steenhuisen comments. :-/

And why do Google go and create you another Foursquare. Make them all work together, damnit! :(

When I first read about sparks, I thought it could have promise. But I dunno if I like the way it's implemented, hard to say. If it could suggest sparks from my GNews setup/usage that would be cool.

Huddles/hangouts are cool, but I think the new FB groups does a better job just minus the video chat (which is coming next week!). FB just need to push their new groups more, and perhaps make an option for short-lived groups.

I'm finding it too difficult to manage circles with over 250 people. I'm also finding people asking me to invite them when I thought I already had, turns out I added their wrong email address. It's too difficult to go back and zap the wrong address. Finding duplicates should be simpler.
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