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Bold for Delphi
Some information about Bold for Delphi
Some information about Bold for Delphi

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Now provides size information for classes, methods and functions, and includes a few cosmetic and performance improvements.

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I am a member of Attracs team and we maintain a big application built with Bold for Delphi since April 2003. And yes multiuser complicate a lot. We have around 70 concurrent users for our biggest customer. Bold help us to simplify this but still a lot of things can go wrong.
I want to begin a new project in my spare time.
It's a multiuser project.
For this project I will use Delphi2010 and a database.
Mostly I use Microsoft SQL Server, but I think to use FireBird.
I also want to work with a Bussiness Layer.
On the internet I see some ORM to use but I don't know what to take.
Which ORM is worth to investigated and free of charge.

TIOPF, BOLD, G Framework, hcOPF, other

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