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Sunrise in Jacksonville Beach Florida.

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Dear Google+,

I am pleading for your help. Valve posted a position that I know I'd be great at! Community Developer!

Plus, it has been my absolute dream since 1998 to work with them. I honestly started crying when I saw this job posting, as I knew it was my chance to get in there.

When my father brought home Half-life in 1998... I was hooked.  I played the game daily.  Since then, I have played all of Valve's games, and constantly use their Steam system for all my purchases! I have been keeping up to date with them, and am constantly watching what they are up to.  It's been honestly one of my only dreams in life....

Problem is... I need to get noticed.  Valve is a very competitive place to get into! I bet they have hundreds of applicants!

So... is there anyway Google+ could help me get noticed?
I know you guys and girls are awesome.  And I love all of you.  This community is fantastic, and I've seen you help others.  

I'd greatly appreciate if you guys could help me get in contact with +Gabe Newell... Or a Community Relations person at Valve?

I just need them to meet me, so I can prove to them how I'd be an amazing fit at their company! And how much of a dedicated worker I am!

I attached my LinkedIn to this... so you can see my professional skills.  

But please Google+... I haven't asked for help like this ever... I've fought for everything I have by myself... but this I can admit I'll need help with.

Please share and eventually maybe this post will get to Valve.

And... if it does... I promise I will do something great for the Google+ community in return. I will give back for your help.

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