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Jeremy Murphy
Dad, husband, geek. Player of tabletop and computer games.
Dad, husband, geek. Player of tabletop and computer games.


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George RR Martin might want to take some notes:

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Interesting article, but it seems to me that the writer is missing a couple of concerns about AI. The first is that the concept of externalized intelligence is a good one, but the ease that a digitized intelligence would have in accessing that externalized "civilizational" intelligence would give it a substantial advantage.

Similarly, not having biological limitations - emotions, need for sleep, hunger, would put an artificial intelligence outside the civilizational structure the rest of us operate in. Further, it could access/process more of the "edges" of a given field of study and keep up on new research more easily.

Finally, digital storage/retrieval means that a fast-moving intelligence could immediately start to create "civilizational" level knowledge structures that we might not be able to access/understand. Sure, it might also develop linearly, but a 45 degree line is a lot different from an 80 degree line...

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Thought people might be interested. This is a regional map of The Colony, the "civilized" part of our current sandbox campaign.

OK G+, help a fellow out here. I really want to read R Scott Bakker's Unholy Consult. I have an Amazon account, but I'm in Canada, and there does not appear to be Kindle option on, no problem, Kindle version is available. If I buy it on, will it be available to my Kindle account? Anybody know?

Finally got comfortable enough with Warhammer: Total War to start modding it in order to get the experience I want out of it.

My main problem with the "base" game is that the Chaos invasion happens too soon for some factions to really survive it if they actually play the way the faction seems to be designed to play.

The Empire and the Vampire Counts are specifically issues there. The game penalizes Confederation so much in terms of relations and unrest, and the basic economy is so marginal, that the only way to play the empire is to aggressively attack all the other imperial factions basically right from the get-go, and to loot other provinces for the $$. Aggressively conquering and looting your own empire seems stupid, and I don't like doing it.

With the Vampire Counts, the corruption mechanic makes them a slow-burn faction, so it's almost impossible to build up enough to survive the full-strength Chaos incursion. You have to play them as a smash and grab faction too, which is again, not consistent with the actual design of the faction.

So I put together a mod list that fixes some of my issues. An economy enhancement mod allows for more income from buildings and more income-related buildings. Gives you the ability to actually develop your economy. One province still can't support multiple armies, but it gives building factions like the Empire something to actually build.

I also mostly turned off the Chaos invasion. There is still one very nasty Chaos army, but they don't keep constantly spawning like the base game. You still have to deal with Beastmen and Chaos corruption and lots of problems, but it means the game isn't on a 100-turn timer like the base game.

I also added some little stuff, like Ruins or Warp portals adding to vampiric or chaos corruption and additional leaders for all factions, but the economy/chaos interaction is where the whole game is balanced. And the base game just isn't balanced right, at least for me.

Went and saw Valerian the other night. Who decided that Dane Dehaane is worth putting in a movie? Kara Delevigne did alright with what was clearly a very poor script. Wife and I decided it was a solid 2/10, with points off for crap story, wooden acting and somehow making Clive Owen not sexy (I personally did not pick up that, but it was a shared review). I was inclined to give it a couple of extra nostalgia points, because I read the Valerian comics when I was a kid, but wow, other than the amazing visuals, the movie sucked.

I've been really enjoying Far Cry Primal. The Far Cry mechanisms for crafting finally make sense in a stone age context, the map is big and interesting and there is a lot to do. Also, mammoths and woolly rhino's are super-dangerous. Like, more dangerous than sabretooth tigers...

Listening to the Audiobook of the new Mark Lawrence book, Red Sister. I didn't really like his previous trilogy, and stopped part way through the second one, but this book.

Damn. So far it's a masterclass in building setting hooks. I can't even count all the interesting things about the world that the book has introduced so far. I'm damn keen on seeing if he can pay off all of this worldbuilding.

Further, he mixes perfect recall narration with an unreliable narrator in such a clean way - it's the best playing with narration I've read since I figured out what Glenn Cook was doing with the Black Company.

Damn fine stuff so far, Mr Lawrence.

So, Breath of the Wild? I'm only about 4-5 hours in and having a HELLUVA good time. I've never encountered a game that does such a good job of setting up systems, then letting you loose in the world to play with them. I can see myself putting a few hundred hours into this game, and that doesn't happen very often for me anymore.

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Ah sweet Hexographer...
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