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Lifetime StarCraft fan. Computer junkie. Purveyor of
Lifetime StarCraft fan. Computer junkie. Purveyor of


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Okay, so I've been home a couple days and have been thinking about what I want to do in regards to raiding with WoW. With 4.3 likely coming the week after next, and with it the new raid finder, I'm just going to PUG for the time being.

Because I want to have cleared Firelands at some point, I'll just keep PUGing it even after 4.3. I'm pretty sure you can't get the legendary daggers with the raid finder's lower difficulty, but it'll still be useful for learning the fights (for the most part).

If any one wants to join me, thus reducing the PUGititude, let me know and we can work out a time (I'm assuming you can group queue raid finder?).

I had mentioned this in IRC and in guild chat on Sunday, but I should probably post it here for those who weren't there.

Simply put, there's not enough interest in this. Me being out of town is just salt on the wound. I still want to continue raiding though, and I very quickly grew to like the idea of a one-day schedule. Having a WoW annual pass is all the more reason for me to continue to try and raid weekly.

So, I'll be home in another week (maybe two, it might get pushed back), and when I get back I'll revisit the idea of forming a group. If it comes down to it, I might just end up trying to join a semi-regular PUG, but I'd rather play with as many friends who are interested.

Regardless of what happens, thanks to those who showed up when they did. The few times we actually got to play, I had quite a bit of fun.

Any one with a healer on Frostwolf (preferably Shaman or Paladin) interested in a lax 10man Sunday afternoon raid? Noon to 3:00 (3:30 strict latest).

In the unlikely event I find one between now and then, I'll probably just PUG one. A PUG third healer can't be /that/ bad, right? ...right?

Thanks to everyone who came out to the raid today, especially those filling spots for the missing. Sorry it didn't work out that great. The two missing DPS gave me advance warning and so I had replacements lined up for them, but clearly I was wrong when I thought we could try to make up for our missing third healer by adding an extra DPS. I'm going to talk to Crave to see if he's going to be reliable for this, and if not I'll try to find another healer. This stuff might be possible to two-healer in theory, but I don't think any of us want to bang our heads against it doing so.

If any one needs gear made from Eternal Embers, let me know before next week (especially if they're a BiS item for you). The rogue boots are BiS for me, but my current boots are still very decent; I'd rather they go to someone who needs them more, but they're also useless sitting in bags not being used.

Our 10man will be short a warlock this Sunday. If any one has a DPS friend that would like to join us, let me know. I'm confident we'll be able to find someone, so I'll just say first come first serve.
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