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Wayne Thiebaud Cakes with oil pastel - grade six
Thiebaud cake lesson plans are such a good bang for your buck. You get some fundamental drawing skills, shading, blending, and a finished product that looks kinda 3D, and the entire thing can be accomplished in under one and a half hours! Since I am still o...

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Scout's Home Birth
Today is my daughter Scout's first birthday. A year ago, my baby girl was born in the comfort of my home and in all of my hazy newborn fog, I still managed to write out her birth story. It's definitely wordy, so TLDR: I had a baby. From the start, Scout's b...

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Simple alphabet matching activity
Here's a quick and easy snack activity (snack-tivity?) that my daughter LOVED.  Have you seen IKEA's KEX crackers? They're cute little letter crackers that are kind of delicious too. Lately, my daughters favorite thing to do is find things that are "matchy-...

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Preschool Cactus Art
Art with preschool children can be daunting. My daughter turned three last week, and while she loves arts and crafts, I always cringe when she asks to break out the paint. She's on a real cactus kick lately (who isn't ?) so I thought maybe I could brave the...

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Although I've been blissfully off on maternity leave for almost a year, every so often I get an idea for an art lesson that I just need to try  now . I was scrolling through Pinterest one night in December and came across this photo. It spoke to me - outer ...

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Big Changes Coming!
Oh hey guys! So it's been a while...Like a long while. A long enough while to give me some trepidation about re-enteting the blogosphere. I've been absent from this blog for the better part of three years. There are many reasons for this - motherhood being ...

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Ryan Berkley inspired portraits
Ahh I am becoming the worst at updating!! Between being mama to a 6 month old, home renos (photos to   come!!) and making baby shoes , I just haven’t had as much time to sit down with the ol' blog! I do have a few projects that I’m really excited to share! ...

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Baby shoes
I'm still on my maternity leave and am really enjoying myself. I've had three wonderful months so far, and still have another 9 MONTHS to play with my girl. I of course need something to do to keep me busy while she's sleeping (which sometimes doesn't feel ...

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I'm still around!
It's been over 2 months since I've updated, but I have a good excuse - our baby girl was born! She was born on February 19th (we had a beautiful home birth which I love talking about, so if you have any questions, please ask!) and she has kept me extremely ...

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Simple bathroom makeover - for around $100!
Our main floor bathroom was a hideous disaster that I'm surprised we tolerated for as long as we did.We went a good 7 or 8 months living with the "before" bathroom, which I actively hated, before I took this renovation on in the summer. Had I known the make...
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