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Remember... Once it is out there ... It's out there!
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Have you been reading the Business Insider's anti-Android bias stories again?
The traditional trio of inattentive primates is not a positive metaphor. It is similar to the ostrich with its head in the sand. It is an admonishment, not rules to live by.
it looks like one of my freinds
thats wat my brother looks like!!!!!!
Just A Few Monkeys! With Their Own Language. Cute
nice he par uspe aamal karo to sahi.
+Brian J Griffith For some people.. it sucks to be held accountable for what they say. Not unlike the protester who was protesting outside a bank in WI while his resume was being processed at the same bank. Do you think the bank should hire someone like that? Would he have better served his own self-interests by respecting their decision to operate as they do or seek employment elsewhere?
+Richard Masango I know, I get it. I'm not trying to be antagonistic... but there are some in the world who don't think they should be responsible for anything or accountable to anyone. Along with the greater transparency and accountability we have for law enforcement and government as result of the web... that works both ways and holds individuals more accountable for their actions as well. Ultimately, I think that's a good thing. There are way too many 'brave flamers' that hide behind a keyboard and pseudonym that talk a lot of smack but do nothing in the real world to influence the changes they demand.
Look no evil,feel no evil,do no evil,write no evil
+Brian J Griffith Yeah, you've done your homework and are reading a lot into my words. THIS.. Google+ is not THE INTERNET. You really don't get it do you? I was a founding member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and have been fighting laws like SOPA for 21 years as a social networking pioneer. You are on a privately owned system... you can say whatever you want on "The Internet".. but the message as what's being displayed in this picture is to remember that what you post is indexed and recorded forever and your name attached to it. If you can't own it, don't say it... but in this instance, I think it's too late. You've already made yourself look quite uninformed and naive.
that is a good saying whats wrong with chris.
absolutly true...................
+Brian J Griffith You go ahead and post whatever you want on your own website. But don't fault me for exercising my freedoms in choosing to not hire you if I think you're incapable of seeing how the world works and not worth the investment of time to teach it to. A PhD... impressive.. now will you DO something with it? I started my first corporation at age 16, at age 30 I co-founded the world's first global (and privately owned and funded) social network. I've created many jobs, donated a lot of money to charity, spent a lot of time serving many charities, earned the respect and trust of many government and industry leaders who turn to me for guidance when making significant decisions. I'll take my selling my first Internet company in '95 and retiring at 34 over years of being taught idealistic but impractical thinking any day. I'm in the process of launching yet another non-profit... this one will be to fast-track underprivileged, under-educated or under-employed individuals into productive jobs and careers in media. But again... you go ahead and say whatever you want. Just remember the people who make decisions about your future can and will read what you write at a young and naive age. About now many will translate this into "He's awfully outspoken from the shelter of academia, awfully proud of what he might do, but we'll sit back a few years and see what he does do." Go DO something... then come back and talk to us.
the monkeys r so cute! i totally will follow this RELIGIOUSLY!!!!!!!(even though i already follow it :)
Not sensor your thoughts or beliefs. Just think before posts that are unkind or hurtful. Or in some cases yes, if you want that job that will not accept certain behaviors during off work time , you had best review before posting...Wrong or right... It is their business and they can hire who they want.
+Valerie Miles You mean.. they have freedom of choice in who they hire? Why.. that's so... American!
+Brian J Griffith There are those who do and those who watch and talk. There are leaders and there are followers. Unless you're independently wealthy, there's other people making your decisions about your future. At 30 you might believe you have the same practical experience, but considering I was already running a corporation and creating jobs years before you were born... you're either very naive, delusional or both. Anyone can study for years and obtain degrees... there's little or no risk in that. Not everyone has the courage, energy or balls to go out and put their livelihood on the line. Until you show me you've taken an iota of risk to create something of value to the American economy and society... please, talk to someone else... I've hired and fired many who're qualified on paper but couldn't produce a thing.
+Brian J Griffith Go read the fucking Constitution. You're suggesting employers... investors... business leaders do not have the power to use discernment when someone displays they're a dumbass they're required to hire them?
Sort of related thought: this is basically how a lot of people on G+ act, especially in regards to the SUL.
How can I know what is evil and what is not? How is one able to differentiate between the two? What may be evil to one person is just the opposite to the other.
Emily L
i have no comment on the "racist- related" things but honestly i dont get how it has anything to do w/ rasism..
Now we need an extra monkey from the zoo.
Yeah, right, you bet. Just ask most politicians, almost any of today's media outlets, Wall Street and corporate CEO's, or, most anyone else about their perspective or philosophy on practicing this "new mantra". Beware, people - if you hadn't noticed, a whole new attitude awaits you out there in our brave new world...
so cute setting the right example
+Brian J Griffith,
While you talk a good story, I do not see anything you have posted that carries any fervor at all.

YOU make no stands other than this, and your politics are non-existent.
I would warrant that this is about the strongest attack you have seen.

I also favor an open forum, free from censorship.
I run a Group on LinkedIn with about 35,000 members and disputes are rare.

The internet HAS to remain open.
One has to understand they alone are responsible for their image.
MONKEYS!!!i get the message though
+Tom Rolfson +Brian J Griffith +Curtis Wenzel
Just wanted to thank you guys. You gave me something interesting to think about today. It is clear to me (and I'm sure to many of us who read the exchange) that you are both very thoughtful and accomplished people. I winced a little at the ad hominem bits. I am neither a PhD nor someone who has ever ushered the world into a new era of social networking. I'm tempted to whip mine out too but let's just say that either of yours would eclipse mine several times over by a factor of porn to one. (Please don't take that as an insult).

From what I can see you both make valid points - and are both right.

I suspect you are simply arguing to cross purposes. Two ships passing in the dark, so to speak. Safe journey, my friends.

As for my tiny endowments and I, we side with Curtis.
That's a good advertisement for kids or teens. It's funny too.
I REALLY need to remember that sometimes, even with the BPD
But that is the goods part if you posting something NAUGHTY & EVILS.....
very true-everyone should remember this:)
THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK don't be a monkey :)
There is a cliche in Japan,see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and
the principle of see-not, hear-not and speak-not. adding one more, we have sculptures of 3 monkeys of the same seen above, say, 500 years ago sculpted in NIKKOU.

That's a good lesson to explain in just one sentence. Right?
yea sure :) last one is most important these days....
Na they wernt paid nothin, raped, beat up and thretend till they did it.
its rembering me father of nation gandhiji,but in todays world it is perfect addition
i like your ATTACHMENT
But posting evil is so much fun!
great n these 4 boys really act it this
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