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This battery case for my Nexus 5, paired with my Google Glass, would be sweet. Now I just have to decide on a Glass battery add-on too.

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Read some today about the new Spritz speed-reading concept. We need to get them to develop a Glass app.

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Because my Nexus 5 and Google Glass combination promises to eat battery power. +Techaeris +Limefuel

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My follow-up post is up on the results of Glass-while-driving research.

My first experience using Glass in very cold weather today--on the road in St. Paul--worked fine taking pics and video but after 20 minutes in single digit temps I found that Glass could no longer stay connected to my Nexus 5 phone. No other effects I could tell. We don't get weather like that in New Orleans so that's going to be my only low-temps Glass report of the year I think.

Slowly but surely getting up and running with my just-arrived Nexus 5. Haven't yet paired with Glass having just got new SIM in the phone and starting to get data and texts, etc. Tomorrow will be a better day.

In the meantime, any Nexus 5 users here willing to share  recommendations for favorite cases? Or things to look for? Thanks.

Need some help from the crowd. My Galaxy Note (original) is kaput. It has been a fantastic Glass-connected smartphone. Among Explorers who are using Android phones (sorry I love iPhone but not going over this time), what are your recommendations. My default has been that when the time came I would buy an unlocked, latest Google Nexus phone that would work with AT&T (have to stay for company reasons).

Please advise your thoughts.

Just had my first-ever complete phone call using Glass, after all those months of impossible audio with the first Explorer unit. With the new version and the earbud, I was able to hear and be heard without an echo. However, I noticed some instability in the audio, with some distortion for a few seconds near the end of the call. I'll be working with this "new" feature to me a lot in the coming days since Glass as a functional phone headset was one of the few missing links in my mind to making the device a hit with consumers.

Got the new version of Glass via the swap and after some head-scratching and a helpful call with Glass Guides last night was able to set up the new unit. Everything is smooth so far. The only "new" feature I have used is Wink. Cool that it works without having to have the display active. So unused to having the earbud that I forgot it at home today so will have to try that out over the weekend.

Several months of trouble-free daily use into my Glass life, and while waiting for the v.2 swap mailer to arrive this week, I just experienced my first Glass hardware damage: the dreaded snapped stem just in front of the batter section, roughly where the Glass frame sits atop my right ear.

R.I.P. Glass. You were excellent.

Waiting for word back from Glass Guide now about whether to send the dead unit back in the swap mailer or if they prefer a different, conventional replacement method. Bleh.
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