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Turning research into connection
Turning research into connection

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BioRXiv has launched! It's the preprint server for biologists, just like physicists have used at arXiv for years. 
News story by Nature attached. Come check it out at

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Two great recent posts from writers on +Double X Science :

Will we ever have a malaria vaccine? Good update on recent papers and advances:

Of CRISPR/Cas and basic research:  Jeff Perkel explains the new system for making genomic changes, and extols the unexpected discovery which can come from basic research. 

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Thanks to the sources who helped with my piece for Biocompare, on genotyping small number of SNPs in large samples!

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For first time since 9/11, F-16 pilot talks about plan to ram the fourth plane before it could hit DC. Amazing.

Thanks to Marnie Gelbart and everyone who came to the 2013 GETEd meeting, our conference report is now out in the journal Personalized Medicine: "Conference Scene: Accelerating public awareness in the age of personal genetics." It's got tons of resources for genetics education and communication!

+Double X Science got a makeover today, so check it out and feel free to sign up for email updates! Thanks to the NASW for their grant, and to +Emily Willingham for overseeing it all. 

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Thanks again to @NortheasternCOS for inviting me to be their guest for the twitter #sciencechat  today, and to everyone who asked questions and allowed me to pontificate in <140chars. Here's the storify.

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You know this already, I am guessing, but you have about 23 hours from now to submit your ASHG2013 meeting abstract.
Deadline is 8pm Eastern time on Tuesday June 4.

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Some good stories on +Double X Science this week:
--My friend +Steven Salzberg writing on a recent Dr. Oz program with scaremongering about mercury fillings, and why the science presented was not valid:
--+Jeffrey Perkel on the science behind recurrent UTIs and very mobile bacteria:
--+Matthew Francis with a fun column on Einstein and whether or not he ever actually wrote E=mc2.

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