So Herman Cain looks like he's out of the race because of all these relationship and abuse allegations. And that really bothers me. I'm no fan of Cain, but this media storm is a fine example of what I really hate with the way scandals are treated these days. Probably unpopular opinion ahead.

What bothers me about all this is that it shows me how easily an entire campaign can get derailed and a person's integrity called into question because a few people came forward claiming abuse or a relationship. Herman Cain, doing pretty well in the polls, is forced to reconsider his entire effort because a few women come forward and said, 'Oh, he abused me,' or 'I was in a relationship with him for a while.' There's no proof that I could see to any of this, but it was enough to get everyone talking about how horrible a person Cain is.

And no, phone and text records aren't really proof unless you can see what was said in them. There's this girl he apparently gave money to over a few years and spoke on the phone with and texted. He explained himself by saying something to the effect that he talks to a lot of people, so the fact that he was on the phone with someone or texted them doesn't automatically make him guilty. But I saw it all over the media, even from some progressive sources. People were saying, 'Ha, look at this guy! Can you believe him? Look at him claiming that he talks to his friends on the phone. What a laugh!' I mean, yeah, who does that, right? What simple-minded people among us actually talk to people on the phone? Yep, he's guilty all right.

Maybe I'm missing something definitely concrete. But for now, all I see is a guy overwhelmed by accusations that have been taken as truth regardless of what evidence there is. It seems like some people want to see Cain fail so badly that they'll say, 'Oh look, some random person we've never heard of said he did something bad. Guess we'd better run with it.' This is what Fox News does. We ridicule them, then do the same thing they do. If you want Cain to fail for something, go after him for something substantive. God knows there's enough material there.
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