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practical use of GNU Makefile for testing
Recently I reviewed a bunch of code from students. The projects are in Java. To test each one, we: compile Java source file into class file run the class file examine output Over time I'll be getting more code, thus I want a simple workflow that will automa...

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Ego is the enemy
Today coincidentally I listened to two strong podcasts that highlight the enemy of great work. Not fear, but EGO. In the first talk Andy Molinsky talks persuasively about how to move forward in your career when everything is overwhelming and/or you're an in...

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podcast: advantages of meditation
lots of great ideas and info in this podcast on the advantages of meditation. Sam Harris interviews  Joseph Goldstein. Waking Up with Sam Harris: #63 — Why Meditate?

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new short talk: Distributed Processing
My new talk is about different processing tradeoffs, using good old Unix utility xargs , Python multiprocessing , gevent , and some distributed processing tips.  Also: tonight there's a seekrit announcement -- watch this space, and/or follow me at  @JohnTel...

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Favorite podcasts
I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some are moderately heavy and technical, some are lighter stories and just for fun. Many encourage me to be a better person, or help me to move forward to achieve my goals. Here are a few favorites: - 99% Invisible : this podc...

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TIP: recover file from old Git branch
In cleaning up my source code I realize I was too... aggresive in my house cleaning. I deleted a file I needed.  No biggie, just take a look at HEAD or HEAD^... Hey, that didn't work! TIP: use git rev-list to search and find the most recent commit that affe...

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Videos! For "Platonic Solids of Quality" and "Functional Programming and Django QuerySets"
I've been remiss in posting my videos.  The last two talks went really well - Platonic Solids of Quality As people who produce awesome stuff, there are a lot of tools we can use to work less and simplify our workflow. This talk introduces many techniques fr...

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TIP: use Strace to debug issues inside Docker
Yesterday my Docker application wasn't working correctly -- the appserver is hanging.  Debugging this is a challenge: there's no crash nor stack trace to point out the issue.  Is the appserver misconfigured, so it's trying to talk to a non-existent database...

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Never type a Bash command again with Infinite Shell History!
To turn on infinite history, add this to your ~/.bash_profile file : # infinite timestamped history export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%F %T ' export HISTSIZE='' When next you log in, your terminal history will be saved forever!  I'm up to about 30,000 commands typed i...

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TIP: more info in Python's IPDB debugger
In ipdb the “dunder exception” variable has more information after your program crashes: pdb> pp _exception_ ( ,  ClientError...)
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