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Humza Malik
Photography isn't what I do, its who I am.
Photography isn't what I do, its who I am.
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Google+ Announces Games, Facebook Announces An Announcement On Games
I love that people still try to argue that Google and Facebook aren’t at war. They’re absolutely at war. And I predict it will quickly get much more ugly than the Google/Apple war.

Apple doesn’t have an easy way to threaten Google’s core business. I guess if they go with Bing across all their products by default that could hurt, but that’s not an Apple product. (Plus, I think the reason they haven’t done that yet is because they simply believe Google is better at search — Apple won’t make a call that hurts their product.) You’d think Android threatens Apple’s core business, but that’s not really happening (see: Apple’s results quarter after quarter).

But Facebook and Google could easily threaten each other’s core businesses. Google has already started going after Facebook with Google+. Expect Facebook to go more seriously after search — and more importantly, contextual advertising across the web — probably with some help from Microsoft.

Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. So study hard and be evil.

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Some of the best pictures I took so far in my photography career. Comments and +1 are appreciated!
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"Being original means having the courage to be different." +Haris Fazlani

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Vote vote vote vote vote please.

"You Google+ Abuser" +Zunaira Malik

My steam seems to be getting filled up rapidly.

+Mark Zuckerberg Welcome to google+ !!!

Feels good to have G+ friends.

I'm getting tired, good night G+-ers
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