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How Good is Good Enough?
Bear with me while I work out some doubts. Last month I published GRANDMA? , a YA comedy horror novel I wrote with my nineteen year old son, Talon. A lot of the writing was rewriting his prose. He's young, he's still learning, and his stuff wasn't up to the...

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Joe's Got a Movie Blog
Those of you who have been paying attention have probably been wondering why I've only done two blog posts in the last six months. It's because there isn't much more I can say about the publishing industry. From 2005 until 2009, my blog was all about self-p...

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New Konrath Zombie Novel GRANDMA
Randall just wanted to have a fun summer vacation with his family, visiting Grandma at her cabin on a lake in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Then everything went horribly wrong. Join fifteen-year-old Randall, and his younger brother Josh, as they fight for their...

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Konrath's New Year's Resolutions for Writers 2017
Every December I do a post about resolutions for writers, and every year I add more of them. They've changed a lot; after all, when I began this, there was no Amazon Kindle, self-publishing was a bad idea, and this blog was for writers eager to find agents ...

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Do Ebook Preorders Work? Part 2
A few months ago I wrote a blog post about preorders . I experimented with three preorder titles, curious as to how they'd perform. Here are some of the topics I addressed back then, and my results. 1. Deadlines.  I wanted to light a fire under my ass and g...

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Last Call is Released!
LAST CALL by JA Konrath Now Available My tenth (and last?) Jack Daniels thriller, LAST CALL, is available today in ebook and paper . Fans have been waiting over two years for this conclusion to the Jack Daniels/Luther Kite story. It was a lot of fun to writ...

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Chasing Publishing Trends
It's never wise to chase fads or trends, because by the time you get a product to market, it may be over and you've missed the bandwagon. Unless the product is a book and you self-publish. Then you can write, edit, create cover art, and get three books live...

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Whenever I have a chance to bend Amazon's ear, I make a few pitches. The top three always are: I'd like to see cumulative sales figures, for both units and royalties, in KDP and Author Central reports. I'd like to be able to automatically split royalties wi...

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Self Publishing my First Audiobook
I'm pleased to announce that I've begun self-publishing audiobooks. My first, RUM RUNNER , is currently available. What took me so long to self-pub audio? It all began 30 years ago... When I was a sophomore in high school back in halcyon days of 1986, I was...
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