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Ken Barber
"We fight with words now to avoid the fight with guns later." -- Stefan Molyneux
"We fight with words now to avoid the fight with guns later." -- Stefan Molyneux

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Happy President's Day, America!

Isn't it nice to wake up in the morning, knowing that we -- finally -- have a real President?

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Hey, +Ron Harvey! +Ondřej Čertík! Wanna cause some trouble?

I'll be willing to come down to ABQ if you guys can think of a great little skit we can do.

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1. It's from the Associated Press -- the same organization that took the bait in Thursday night's canary trap regarding "100,000 National Guard troops"

2. "The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter." -- same source as all the other canary traps.

This smells like another canary trap. Everyone thought that after Thursday night's "leak," Team Trump had their leaker ID'd. I've been waiting impatiently ever since to hear who it is, not realizing that we will probably never know.

Because: If they knew who the leaker was on Friday morning, it's a safe bet that someone didn't come home after work that day. S/he is being questioned in a windowless room somewhere in Quantico, and will either never see daylight again or will "flip" and get a new identity after Obama is indicted, tried, and sentenced.

That's all speculation on my part, of course, but my money is betting that this isn't the leaker they've been looking for.

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You might want to read this, even though it's a bit long.

"Don't be evil" my ass. Google is in it -- and DEEP -- with the Globalist conspiracy. If you're using their products (including this one), you might as well have voted for Hillary Clinton.

Or Jeb Bush/Evan McMullin.

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How do we find out whether any of these turds are coming to our town? How do we meet with other like-minded Patriots at the local level and plan to disrupt their plans?

We need someone who knows how to do this stuff organizing US. Because there are more of us than there are of them.

Oh, and one last thing: are there any Filthy Rich folks out there willing to fund helicopter rides for these Communists?

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I'm gonna LOVE hearing the Death-screams of swamp creatures dying as their fetid, stagnant, disease-ridden habitat gets drained...

Been waiting a loooooooooong time for this.

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This goes WAY beyond 3D chess. This is akin to seven-dimensional intergalactic chess.

The "100,000 National Guard Troops" story was just the latest. President Trump has been feeding fake information to the intelligence agencies for months. He now probably knows who all of the traitors are.

Incredibly, this modus operandi was described in Trump's book!

Further, Gen. Flynn's firing was part of the deception. Flynn had decided that he, himself would be the "bait" months ago when he, Bannon, Trump et. al. realized that there were moles in Intelligence actively working against Mr. Trump.

So the Mainstream Media think they have collected a scalp. Instead, they have walked into a trap.

Remember when the President said at yesterday's press conference, "The news is fake, but the leaks are real?" Some reporter challenged him on that, and he shut the reporter down. NOW we know what he meant: all of the leaks were Fake News that Trump planted himself, to find the leaker(s).

Shit's about to get real, folks. There is news from a source I don't trust, claiming that something like 23 journalists are being arrested as I write this. For felonies that carry a ten-year prison term. Too bad treason doesn't still carry the death penalty.

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Same paper. Same writer. About a week apart.

This is what #bias looks like.

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I've learned the hard way not to trust ANYTHING posted on 4chan.

So, when I saw this, I went looking to see whether anyone legitimate was also reporting on it.

Mike Cernovich, whom I kinda sorta trust, confirms that he's heard it from several White House sources too. See here:

Folks, our President doesn't just play 3D chess. This is 8D intergalactic chess!

And I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

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President Trump IS the result of normal democratic and constitutional politics, you idiot.

I would REALLY like to see this man's entire media empire fail, and he being forced to do actual WORK for a living (i.e., digging ore out of a mine, falling timber in a forest, repairing heavy equipment, plowing, planting, harvesting crops etc.) instead of spreading his collectivist New World Order poison.
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