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Ian Goodall
Geek, Skeptic, Wannabe Scientist
Geek, Skeptic, Wannabe Scientist

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I wrote another blog post. This one is about dealing with what I've named Writer's Cramp. I also define the cramp therein. Also, for a nominal fee, I can perform mental manipulation that will free you from the cramp. This is probably a lie.

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Another terse review from yours truly. I keep forgetting about Google+, it's THAT shit...

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Check out No Sense Gamers' first ever Podcast, featuring the smooth vocal tones of yours truly.

using a social network as a poor substitute for real human interaction because I have an unnaturally high social anxiety

Announcing something that I would normally keep to myself but feel the need to broadcast to people I don't know in person because I can

Just updated my profile on Google+. It's only taking me just over a month!

Watches a tumble-weed roll by

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Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot

Way of the Geek has been hacked.

I have been forced to take it down.

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