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Christina Hendricks
Sr. Instructor in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia
Sr. Instructor in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia


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So great to see you again, Gitte! This is a lovely image, with the green on her dress, the green grapes, and the sunshine coming in through the window.

I don't always have the time to play that I want to have either, but the great thing about ds106 is that there are always people here to play with, even if we move in and out!

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Join us for a wrap-up event for Teaching with WordPress 2015. Please come ready to talk about one or more of the following (or something else!):

* share one or more things you made during the course, such as your site in progress or something else
* share something you're doing you'd like feedback on from others
* bring a question about teaching with WordPress you'd like us to discuss
* share something that you found inspiring, that someone else in the course is doing/has done
* share a site from outside the course that you find inspiring in some way, that involves teaching with WordPress

Please RSVP so we know who is likely to come, and so we can send you a direct invitation during the time of the hangout.

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Join Christina Hendricks, Alan Levine, and Tannis Morgan for a discussion of how we use WordPress in teaching and learning, for #TWP15: the Teaching with WordPress open online course ( Share your examples, comments and questions as well! You can either join us in this hangout or watch as it's broadcast live on YouTube and tweet questions/comments during the session. The hangout will be recorded for later viewing.

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Join us for an open, online course on Teaching with WordPress, starting June 1!

All are welcome!

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OMG, #TvsZ starts TOMORROW! It's an immersive, addictive game on Twitter that anyone can join into. Here’s info: 

Have you registered yet? Do so here:

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I've started a list of links that could help students see that gender inequality is still a problem in places where some think it isn't (like Canada). Please see this post and add to the document linked there! I want more examples, please!

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Join us for an open online course on openness! "Why Open" is four weeks, starting Aug. 10, held at Peer 2 Peer University. I'm one of the co-facilitators! Registration is open now! (To register, click "start course" on the course page, on the left.)

Here's a link to a blog post about it:

Here's the course itself on P2PU:

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We're running a second round of a course called "Why Open" at P2PU again this year, Aug. 10-Sept. 10. Registration is open now!

Here's a blog post about the course:

Here's the course itself:

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I'm doing two workshops on open education in the next couple of months, and have created a short survey to get people's views on what open ed is, why it might be valuable, and what barriers/obstacles might exist to being open in teaching & learning. Would love to have input from anyone/everyone who wants to participate! First workshop coming up June 5, so please do so by June 4!
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