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So I watched all of season one Vikings this weekend. I missed it last year even though I meant to watch it. I tend to do that with TV. Thank the technology gods for dvr (must record season two!) and on demand.
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Annette Jennings

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This is that time of year when I should be dreaming of spring planting
Small but BIG impact.

#Bees #SaveTheBees #NourishYourBody 
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Brilliant thinking. (via +Matthew Campagna)
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moje omiljena serija zvezdane staze
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Have her in circles
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Annette Jennings

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So I was asked today, upon mentioning how much I love gaming, WHY I was a gamer. They said they didn't see the point of it, that all it was was sitting in front of a TV and monitor, moving your thumbs and wasting time that I could be spending out in the world enjoying life. At first I wanted to make a smartass comment, but it dawned on me what I really wanted to say.

When I play a really good game, it's like being a part of a great film or a great piece of art. When I play I sometimes imagine that there are all these people who spend years developing a challenge saying "Here, let's see if you can step up to the challenge" and when I do it gives me as much satisfaction as I had just won a chess match or a game of football or something.

To me games are not only art, or a film, or a great story, it is putting yourself into a world created by the minds of others and stepping into the shoes of someone that either you could never be in real life or could only dream of being.

It's about being a part of a community that goes beyond language, race or gender .. even as little as I play multi-player games, when I know I'm with someone from another nation or cant even speak the same language, we are united in that we both want to beat the game and can co-operate to achieve that goal despite cultural differences.

"I am a gamer, not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many." This statement is both true and profound and that's why I have it as a header on my page, because when I'm Dante, or Ezio, or Lara Croft or Link, I become that person in my mind. I feel their feelings, I share in their glory. For those hours that I may be physically sitting in my chair staring at a TV screen, my mind is either saving a world, or destroying one.

I believe every gamer feels this way whether they know it or not, and that's what defines us and unites us. I could be 99 and someone else could just be 9, I could be from the US they could be from Russia, but if I say "Hey, did you play this great game?" and they say "Yeah, that was awesome." We are instantly bonded in the fact that we shared a common great experience, and nothing can take that away .... except for maybe Alzheimer's 

#gaming #gamingpc #gamingconsole #truthbetold #unity  
#xbox #playstation #gamer #gamersunite  
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The smooth motion of rotating circles can be used to build up any repeating curve even one as angular as a digital square wave. Each circle spins at a multiple of a fundamental frequency, and a method called Fourier analysis shows how to pick the radiuses of the circles to make the picture work. Decomposing signals like this lies at the heart of a lot of signal processing.

Mathematica code in Wolfarm language:

FourierF[a_, t_] := a.Table[Sin[2 Pi i t], {i, Length[a]}];
FourierAnim[a_, t_] :=
  Module[{A = Accumulate[a*Table[Cos[2 Pi i t], {i, Length[a]}]],
    B = Accumulate[a*Table[Sin[2 Pi i t], {i, Length[a]}]]}
   , PrependTo[A, 0]; PrependTo[B, 0];
     Table[{Circle[{A[[i]], B[[i]]}, a[[i]]], Darker[Red],
       If[i != Length@a,
        Line[{{A[[i]], B[[i]]}, {A[[i + 1]], B[[i + 1]]}}], {Red,
         Dashed, Line[{{A[[i]], B[[i]]}, {2, B[[i]]}}]}]}, {i,
       Length@a}], PlotRange -> {{-1.5, 3}, {-1, 1}}],
    Plot[FourierF[a[[;; -2]], t - \[Tau]], {\[Tau], 2, 3}]]];
a = Table[(1 - (-1)^i)/i, {i, 16}]/Pi;
Manipulate[FourierAnim[a[[;; j]], t], {t, 0, 1}, {j, 1, Length@a, 1}]
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Annette Jennings

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A fine piece of gifness
The Avengers

Came across this and I thought to my self "Self this is a pretty damn fine piece of digital gifness" and then I sat and soaked in the awesomness of inventing a new word. Sadly though I do not think Oxford or Websters is ready for the "gifness" which is sad if you take a moment to ponder it. On plus side #avengers yeah.

#geek   #gif  
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Poor Loki :(
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Annette Jennings

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I'm so anticipating getting my ascended hammer built - I got the last dragonite I needed last night before I stumbled off to bed. Here in a couple more hours I can play and get those last 25 or so crafting levels and voila!!!

(I'm bursting with excitement but the people I work with would not get it at all so I had to squee here)
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Annette Jennings

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Wow leveling weaponcrafting has drained my gold. /sigh  I have finally decided that I want Chorben's Warhammer.  The red looks a little washed out next to my oxblood dyed armor, but it's a heck of a lot better than the Wupwup color (edit: wupwup looks great if you have a pastel/blue/purple scheme going on, but not red/gold/black).

If I happen to tap any of you on the head with my hammer, I would like say "thank you" in advance. It wouldn't be much of a game without enemies to fight.

Oh yes, and by the way, here is the list of preview codes to use in-game
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DVR is simply the best invention in the world. Really. #agentsofshield  
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