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Skeptical of everything, even skeptics
Skeptical of everything, even skeptics

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Good funny stuff talking about church

The new Stronghold pvp map in GW2 is almost everything I could wish for gvg-wise. So sad it's only a 24-hour preview. I want to play more! .. anticipation ... whiiiinnne  !!

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Here is a full text of a more generic version I wrote up later; this version is applicable to a broad spectrum of current human events.

Taking a cue from Wil Wheaton's motto "Don't Be A Dick" I've decided my motto is "Don't Be An Ass." I'm just about annoyed with extremism in any form and lack of respect for honorable cultural traditions.

To one who takes offense at cultural traditions of honor and greeting: you ruin your own chances for affecting cultural change when you get over-rabid. Chill out and be more Dahlai Lama. Laugh and enjoy life in spite of; love the time that you are in, here, now. That's how you win.

Focusing on injustice and berating your "enemy" only makes you bitter and friendless - it doesn't change anyone's mind, quite the opposite - you cement the polarization and isolate yourself when you make yourself out to be an enemy instead of a compassionate friend.

Lead by example. Drop the negativity. Drop the criticism of others. Love others right exactly where they are in the journey of life. Pave the way for improvements to come behind you - smooth and even roads make far better advances to human culture than walls of brick and stone. This journey is bigger than you and me. Are there cultural traditions that say you should not be there? Break tradition - do it anyway with joy in your heart and happiness on your face no matter what reaction comes, and so continue to smooth the path for those to follow in your steps.

Live Free. Free to be who you want to be. Go for it. Step into the water and BE. What's stopping you? The person you just screamed at for _________ (performing a cultural gesture of respect / admiration / affection / honor)? Wow. Just wow. Lay down the brick & mortar - we don't need a Berlin Wall between "sides" - trade it for building cross-cultural bridges to understanding and encouraging human growth. 

While you were standing there spitting obscenities, some of us went around your road block and went on ahead without you. Learn about the meaning behind another culture's gestures - and then accept and reciprocate with grace.

Don't Be An Ass.

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what da fuck? #xgaming lost me as a customer.

I am browing Facebook and an ad shows up for this arcade cabinet, based on my browsing habits of course, and I'm like oh that looks cool but I won't click it on cause it's a FB ad, I must ignore it. After three attempts to ignore it I finally caved and clicked and was all entertained looking at this cabinet thinking how awesome it would be to have when we get a game room someday, checking if they had Galaga and Mortal Kombat and thinking "I'll just add this to my Amazon wishlist to save for later - I definitely want this...!"

And then down toward the bottom of the screen here's THIS offensive little gem in the small print with the rest of the website's links. They totally discount that there might be women out there that want to buy this!

My first instinct was to email them and say, "come on guys, change it to say 'persuading the spouse'" - until I read the whole page. It's like a men's magazine article from fifty years ago. Ugh.

Fuck you dudes. I'm not buying your frickin' arcade cabinet, I'll stick with plan A that had me shopping the internet for refurbed orginals. Or my plan B to build my own cabinet like I browsed several examples around the maker community. Screw you x-gaming. And I'm telling all my G+ peeps too.

#stereotypes     #gaming   #girlgamer     #marketingfailures  

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Very good critical article. I don't keep up with gaming news, so I was oblivious to the story behind this. Deep thinking sparked. Thanks.
Most excellent read.  Because I've been a gamer the bulk of my mostly enjoyable adult life and I am all for the direction we're moving in, current turbulence aside.

h/t to +Ed Gibbs for the share

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Excellent insight here. Makes me want to spend more face-to-face time with the people I see every day.

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These two ideas shared by friends on FB inspired me to put them together into a Very Important thing
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