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The Limiting Lies Women Tell Themselves by Elizabeth Lions: It’s the holidays again and that old familiar feeling kicks in. You know the one. The oh-my-God how will I ever get all the shopping/holiday meal/family plans together before the 25th and still make everyone happy? Welcome to overwhelmed, which most (if not all) women feel as the holidays approach...

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Do You Know What You Are Made Of? by Rachel Haugabook: You are made of someone’s every hope and dream. The very fiber of your being is constructed by the hope for prosperity of your ancestors. You are designed in divine fashion and are molded of tangible resilience. You, you are someone’s answered prayer. You are your own provider and protector. You are the shot caller. The executive decision maker. You are a success, not just because of all the things you have done right, but because of all the ways you learned from situations gone wrong...
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