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Jonathan De La Mota

I Miss you guys <3

Today was a good day very productive looking forward for tomorrow

today i wrote lyrics to a song with my partner Justin. I feel like we did a good job and everybody will enjoy the beat we made and lyrics we decided to go with the song

I did'nt enjoy today lesson

today we saw our interviews for the first time and I think as a team we did really good we kept the people we were interviewing engage in the topics we had to say, we also were relating to what they were talking about cause we went through the same things as they did so it made it easier to relate but overall we did a good job no cons

today was a great lesson. we interview four people and discuss about life and school i felt like we did great as a team our interviews had people engage on the topic and had fun with us

Today we interview two people and it went well, we prepared before asking questions to these people cause we wanted to have the best interview as possible and give the best experience for the viewer to enjoy and get advice from older people

Today i saw my interview for the first time and i think i need to improve keeping my eye on the camera and keep a straight face cause i kept on laughing which it is not good but other then that today was a another good lesson so its all good in my books

Being interview was a fun experience, When I interview my partner it was a great experience we kept it real with one an other and open up to each other about our personal lifes.

Todays lesson inspire me to finish school
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