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Two steps forward, one step back
That's my hand at the top of Mt. Cube--a nearly 3,000 foot summit that I reached via a two-plus-mile trail in Orford, New Hampshire. My dog and I joined my husband and his puppy for the trek. I slowed them down a bit, but after several short rest stops, I a...

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I’m up to 15 Tibetans a day!
I’m pleased with my progress post fast. And though all
things aren’t perfect—today has been a struggle with depression, for instance—I
feel like I am getting better and stronger. Maybe one of these days I’ll even
give the bionic man and woman a run for thei...

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Note: My fruit, cider vinegar, & lemon juice was organic. The honey is local. 

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Day Three is not as Smooth as Day Two
While yesterday I experienced an overwhelming Zen feeling
and felt more energized than I have in weeks, maybe even months, today I woke
at 6 a.m. tired and hangry (when hunger causes anger). Actually, that may be an overstatement. I
had a few moments of fee...

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Meditation Message Leads to This Post
Today as I meditated my guides advised me to start blogging
again. They meant today. Almost at that very moment. Or at least as soon as I
had completed my final in breath/out breath. “What should I blog about?” I asked them in thought, even
though I know fr...

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While university presidents earn millions, many professors struggle
By Story Hinkley
For The Christian Science Monitor

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A letter to my students as I leave adjunct teaching
I’ll miss you. If you don’t believe me, ask any of my former
students. Or ask my husband who has had to put up with my moping and my bouts
of tears these past few weeks as the semester winds down to an end. It’s not you; it’s me. I can’t teach for poverty w...

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On set for the Noon newscast
Enjoyed yesterday's visit to WMUR with my students of the discovery course Image and Sound. While the class is comprised of students from across many majors at UNH Manchester, everyone enjoyed the tour--even those who aren't currently studying video product...

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Some stories need prompting
Looking forward to traveling to UMASS Amherst tomorrow night to see the debut of "Prompt," a short film based on the screenplay I wrote earlier this year. The script was selected as one of five shorts to be filmed as part of the Women Only Project sponsored...
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