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Patsy Irene
I believe in making the best out of every day we are given. I wake up early, I'm happy, I seldom experience stress and if I do you won't know it.
I believe in making the best out of every day we are given. I wake up early, I'm happy, I seldom experience stress and if I do you won't know it.

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Banking, Common Snipe, Cleaning up Outdoors, Jello at Home
Monday, Apr. 24 th was
another beautiful sunny day. Too bad the wind is so cool again this morning. We
were up at 7 for our coffees and blog reading. As I stepped out to walk to the
Restroom I could hear the bird that we heard last July again. We had search...

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Laundry, Planning Pots, Company!
So, Sunday, Apr. 23 rd is
laundry day for us. Maybe not quite the thing to be doing on a Sunday but every
day could be a Sunday for all that matter when you’re retired. Not church goers
anyway, I might has well do something useful and take advantage of this...

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Sunshine! Makes Me Want to Dance or is that the 50’s tunes?!
Saturday, Apr. 22 nd we
were up before the birds, well before the sun anyway. The sun didn’t make a
grand appearance as a sunrise, but it was so determined that it gradually
pushed the clouds out of the way. By noon, it reigned over the blue sky and
every o...

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Home Again, Jiggity Jig, Police Stop
Clemson and I left Donna and Gerry’s
on Friday, Apr. 21 st around 8:50 am. Both of our hosts had morning
jobs so we wanted to be out of their hair and their driveway in plenty of time.
It was a great evening, Donna and I never have a hard time filling the h...

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Alone Again, Temporarily
On Thursday, Apr. 20 th I
woke up to music, soft music. Was disoriented because that isn’t a normal sound
in the Suite. Then I realized it was Bill’s cell phone alarm that he had set so
he wouldn’t sleep in. He was up at 6:30 for his reading and shower so I...

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Wind and More Wind but a Productive Day
Wednesday, Apr. 19 th up on
the hill started out really windy. Good thing it was a mild 11C at 7 or it
could be quite nasty out there. At least it is looking to be a dry day even
though the sky is covered in heavy clouds. It is a fine day to run some errand...

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Chillin’ with Bill and Clemson, Hockey Game
Tuesday, Apr. 18 th brings
another family birthday to the forefront. This young gapher is turning 12
today. Happy Birthday to our grandson, Connor! Too bad it is a school day for
him but sometimes that means fun too. Do they still sing Happy Birthday to

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Time to See Bridgette’s Home
Monday, Apr. 17 th , Mom’s
birthday. I can’t even fathom what it must be like turning 91. Bravo, Mom! You’ve
done something so many others don’t get the opportunity to do. Happy Birthday,
sweet lady. "Happy Birthday to me!" Bill and I had made arrangements ...

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Easter Dinner, Mom Hosting at Rockwood Terrace
Today is Sunday, Apr. 16 th .
I imagine today is the day for a lot of family gatherings to celebrate Easter.
It is for our family. Even though Mom doesn’t have anything to do but show up
looking lovely in the auditorium of her nursing home and even though s...

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Rainy Start, Sunshine and Warmth to End
Saturday, Apr. 15 th was a
nice surprise even though it was late. We woke up around 6:30 to clouds, no
sunrise and sporadic rain throughout the morning. After such a gorgeous day
yesterday, instead of feeling grateful, we were selfish and felt cheated. We w...
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