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Quesion for the group. I got 2 AR's 1 is a 1:8 twist 16 inch barrel one is a 1:9 twist 16 inch barrel. I recently bought a Bushnell 1-4x24
Which rifle would be served best by that scope?

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Anyone ever seen this or had any experience with it? I need some reviews...

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Ok so I understand completely...the right to serve who you choose, being a business owner. But, it this right? Is this racial profiling? And if they get cleared-with the background checks why not sale muslims guns?

Gun store: Muslim? No sale

Ok so I am looking into getting a bolt action rifle. I'm thinking 270 or maybe a 300 win mag.
I'm a lefty, know a tiny bit about bolt guns...where do I start?
What company makes a good left-handed bolt gun under 1000? 

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Do we need protection from the police?

Should americans carry guns to protect ourselves from the police gangs?

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7-Eleven will make your Slurpee dreams come true this Saturday, bring your own cup day

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*Senario* lawlessness breaks out. the streets are in choas nation wide. You run to your stash of guns and ammo but only have time enough to grab one long gun and one handgun. What would it be?

For me, my Mossberg 590a1 and my M&P45 mid.
For my wife, Smith and Wesson M&P15 sport and M&P40 fullsize.

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Picked up this baby today.
590A1 loaded up with Hornady Critical Defense. With a Streamlight Polytec light.

Can't wait to take it to the range.

So I'm looking to get a Mossberg 590A1, and I am torn between getting the bead sight(model 51660) and the ghost ring sight(model 51663).
What's your opinion and which do you prefer?
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