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ZOMG!  Google Street View Easter Egg! 

Zoom out once, then click the double arrow. Where are you now?

+Christy Ramsey 

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Everyone needs one of these
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This language was developed at the Marin County Center for T'ai Chi,
Mellowness and Computer Programming (now defunct), as an alternative to
the more intense atmosphere in nearby Silicon Valley.

The center was ideal for programmers who liked to soak in hot tubs while
they worked.  Unfortunately few programmers could survive there because the
center outlawed Pizza and Coca-Cola in favor of Tofu and Perrier.

Many mourn the demise of LAIDBACK because of its reputation as a gentle and
non-threatening language since all error messages are in lower case.  For
example, LAIDBACK responded to syntax errors with the message:

        "i hate to bother you, but i just can't relate to that.  can
        you find the time to try it again?"

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i love legend of zelda...
This is so sad!! I readx it and started crying!! It's by the same artist as the one before this post She's quite talented. I love alt of her art.
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this is freaking cool!!!

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+James Standeven +steenwjs this is funny!!!
A 4Chan thread matches programming languages up with the real-world religions they best map to. I'm certain there's something in here to offend everyone, regardless of their programming-language or religious preferences.
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