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                                                   DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN?

       It was a warm summer day and Tommy Raindrop was floating along in a big cloud that was passing over the Atlantic ocean. Tommy was feeling happy and content and was enjoying the view below. There was a cruise ship making its way to the Azores Islands and on one deck of the ship was a swimming pool with people in it. 
     Tommy loves children and swimming pools usually have lots of happy laughing children but when he looked closer he could see no children at all. The pool had only older people about twenty or so and older. 
     "Just old geezers" Tommy thought. 
     He watched that ship until a warm wind from the south blew Tommy's cloud toward the north. Tommy was rather disappointed. He was afraid he would end up in some old iceberg in the north Atlantic and be stuck there for a hundred years or so. Tommy was not one to just sit around frozen into a chunk of ice. He had that happen to him once and did not get out of that berg until a big ship called the Titanic crashed into the iceberg and knocked Tommy loose. 
     Well as it happened Tommy did not end up in an iceberg this time. He fell into a forest in Ireland. He landed on a leaf of an old oak tree near the top of the tree. The wind blew gently and Tommy got dumped off that leaf and he fell down lower to another leaf near the ground. 
     Tommy is a really curious little raindrop and this day he hung onto that lower leaf to see what he could see in the forest. 
     A deer came by and chewed some of the leaves of the tree and Tommy got shook around a bit but he hung on tight. He wanted to see a lot more before he fell to the ground where he would begin his work of keeping that tree alive and helping to grow grass and ferns and stuff. 
     Tommy watched squirrels and chipmunks run around gathering acorns and seeds and stuff and running off to their nests. The critters were busy indeed. They worked hard to gather food for the next winter even though it was not even close. Tommy knew that it is good to store up food. It does not matter if one is a chipmunk or a person we must always prepare for times when food is not plentiful. 
     He was watching a chipmunk struggling with a piece of food that was really too big for him to handle, when something else caught Tommy's eye. There was a little green man all dressed in funny green clothes making his way through the dense forest, and he was heading right toward the tree that Tommy was in. 
     The little guy walked right up to the leaf Tommy was on and he surprised our little hero so much that Tommy nearly fell off the leaf. The little guy actually talked to Tommy and called him by his name!
     "At last I get to meet the famous Tommy Raindrop." he declared. 
Now Tommy was never able to actually talk to a human being so he did not reply to the little guy. 
     "Ach! What's the matter with you ya little drip? Do you think you're too famous to talk with a lowly creature like me? Didn't "THE BOSS" teach you anything about humility? Are you too stuck up to speak with a lowly leprechaun?" the little guy went on. 
     Well Tommy was really confused and hurt and humiliated and surprised all at the same time but he did manage to say, "Hi!"
     "Well now that's a little better but I've heard that you have been all around the earth many many times and have helped a lot of people and animals and birds and even bugs and all you can manage to say to me is 'Hi?”
     Tommy looked around him to see if anyone else was there to hear him and see him actually talking to this strange character. 
     When he saw no one else he said, "Hey I really am sorry Dude. I have never in my life been able to talk to anything other than other raindrops and of course 'THE BOSS." You surprised me so much I can hardly speak at all."
     "Aye then, you've never met a leprechaun before have you? Well now you have. We leprechauns have a nasty reputation as little mischief makers. We like to tease greedy people by showing them our pot of gold and then suddenly taking it away from them. The greedy blokes have been trying to steal our gold for hundreds of years but not one has ever been able to steal even an ounce. Of course we leprechauns have no need of gold but we sure enjoy teasing the people."
     "Well now that is not a very nice thing to do!" Tommy replied. Do you know how much trouble a person gets into when he goes home and tells his wife about you and your gold? Many a man has had to sleep in the dog house because his wife accused him of telling tall tales."
     "Ach now Tommy I have heard of times when you played tricks on the people. How about the time you messed up a snooty little girl's birthday party." the leprechaun replied. 
     Then Tommy had to laugh. "Yes I do remember that. She was a real snooty little girl who thought she was something special because her father was rich. She needed a lesson and I taught it to her. She became a really fine woman and friendly to everyone after that day."
     "Well that is what I do too. I teach the people not to be so greedy and try to get rich without working for it. "The leprechaun said.
     "I guess we are even." said Tommy. “But how can we talk together? I have never been able to talk to people. I often wish I could so I could make their life easier and help them in many ways by simply telling them how to find water or get out of a jam or something. I always have to find some tricky way to teach them anything. Do you live in this forest all the time? Do you have a house here? Do you have a wife? Does "THE BOSS" know you are here?"
     "Ach hold on Tommy! You ask too many questions at once. We can talk together because we have special powers that no one else has. We leprechauns use tricks to teach people too. Boy I remember one greedy old geezer. I had to use every trick in the book to get that guy out of my pot of gold. I could have just made the gold disappear but this nut jumped in the pot and borrowed his way to the bottom and was chewing on gold pieces. If I made it disappear he would have disappeared too."
    I have no wife or home. I don't need either one. I live anywhere I want to and yes, "THE BOSS" always knows where I am. I speak with him often. Just like you Tommy we work for him too. In fact, Did you hear that? He is telling us both to get to work."
    Tommy, very surprised, said "Yes I did hear that too. Let's get to work. I hope to meet you again sometime. We can exchange more stories."
    A hard breeze shook the leaf Tommy was on and he fell off and landed on a blade of grass then slid down to its root to help it grow. The Leprechaun just disappeared. 
     Tommy never met another leprechaun and he has a hard time believing that this one meeting ever happened but then how would he know about that greedy guy and the pot of gold?
     Time for bed Kids. Sleep tight. I love you. 

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Inspired by the gap between science and religion, what is and what we think is and that God is as real as this computer and desk.

My first book goes into production this month. There will probably be many changes in the text and maybe even the name after it is run through the grinder.My writing is the result of 75 years of living and observing life so some will like it and others may look from different angles and hate my efforts.I writes it as I sees it! Watch for "Maybe This Time" from Tate publishing later this year I Hope.
I have another story written and will submit it after the first one is launched.I also have about 320 short stories about my character, Tommy Raindrop. These are for children. Some give advice.Some are funny and some are just plain silly but none of them are porn or any other nonsense that can hurt a child.
     I was a good radio technician but a really poor businessman so I don't have a lot of money to promote my writing but I am healthy and should have time on my side.I am writing a memoir too so I can document changes I have observed in my 75 years. Watch for my books!
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